Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hi friends!   Popping in to say hello!   Obvi I'm still blogging from the phone so once again, do me a solid and bear with me.   Oh and I'm  forfeiting So What Wednesday as well as What I Ate Wednesday until next week.   How many pics of oysters can y'all really handle?

So lets talk about my 20 miler.   Shall we?  Yep, it happened.  And yep, it was HOT.  
I headed out just as soon as the sun came up but still pretty much felt like I had walked into a sauna from the first step.   

Deeeerenched in sweat immed.  

Desperate times call for desperate measures.   When I saw that our group 20 mile training run fell right at the start of vacay, I started mentally preparing because I knew I'd be doing this one alone.   

However, my running girls are amazing and I love them.  They knew I was out there alone, fighting for my 20.     They sent me so much encouragement and  lots of good vibes.  I loved having them "with me."

And a huge thanks to my other special friends who were also cheering me on via text and FB. I totes appreciate you.  

Oh and I also had Jay Z and Brit to keep me company.  Currently obsessed  with both of these. 

I went back to the house twice for Rehydrate, to wrap quite possibly the biggest blister of 2013, to dry off, and also to complain.  Then I was back at it.     

I really did have lots of good sights and  some amazing views.   Definitely not the normal long run views of the Olentangy trail.  

My legs actually felt great but I really did start to struggle around mile 14.  I was scorching and losing lots of fluids.   However, 20 is in the books and that's all that matters, yo's!   

This weekend is a fallback week,  we have our big 22 miler the following week, and then slowly start the dreaded tapering process.    You guys haven't lived through a taper with me yet, have you??  Buckle up.   It's not pretty.  

What else is happening?
I'm having lots of fun with these little monkeys.  

And I'm eating some amazing food.  


I'm also having some much needed downtime.   I took a nap for the first time in well, seriously forever.   Oh and I've been reading, which has also been beyond glorious. 

So there have it.   I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts.


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