Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday Sentiments / Weekend Wrap Up!

Hello from the beach!   First things first, I'm blogging from my IPhone so I have NO idea how the posts over the next week are gonna look.   Ya see, I brought my little Netbook and it was the first time I've tried blogging on a non - Mac product.  Holy crap.  I practically became homicidal waiting for pics to upload, etc. Not easy, friends.  So I promptly downloaded the Blogger for iPhone app and here we go, yo!

So it's been a busy weekend indeed.  Friday night was spent around the fire that never was while hanging out with the nabe's.  This poor fire could just never pick up the pace.

Certainly didn't stop us though.  So basically I used this as a tool to procrastinate packing and prepping for this here trip.   I legit packed for myself and both kids at the last minute before our flight on Saturday morning.    The hubby fends for himself with packing but packing for three is still not an easy feat. And also super uncharacteristic of me and my #ocd tendencies.   

A quick lunch at the Buckeye Hall of Fame at the aeropuerto and we're off.  

And flight #2, it was me and monkey girl while the husband and almost 7 year old had seats in another row.  

And I swear she was #amazeballs on both planes.  I was super pumped about that.

And yesterday was spent, getting settled in and unpacking my obscene amount of Advo loot.  

Chilling by the pool with my favorite Apothic Red while the kids spit pool water through noodles at innocent bystanders.  

Eating awesome salads at Mexican joints.  

And calling it a night early.  

Today started off with an amazing run on the beach.  I kinda wanna make this a part of my daily routine forever and ev amen.    Already excited for tomorrow.  

The monkeys played at the beach all morning which resulted in huge naps and a super chill afternoon.  #awesomesauce. 

Ps-  what's cuter than a sundress and chucks?   She's a mess, this one.  

Shirley temples all around.

The in laws.   Love these two.  

Oh and then this happened.   Baked oysters with japs and Monterey.   I die.

Oh my word and then I met a pirate.  

You guys I can't make this stuff up.     

So bear with me this week as I blog my shenans from my phone.  Obvi the blog will be all over the place but I promise I'll return to my regular scheduled programming as soon as the wheels touch down.  

Laters Babes.  


  1. Looks like you're having fun! Where are those shorts from that you wore on your run by the beach?

    And your in-laws look SO YOUNG!