Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Sentiments (on Monday) / Weekend Wrap Up

Quite the whirlwind weekend!

The highlights....

* 18 miler in the books before the sun came up on Friday.

*A fun margarita driveway party in the hood. idea who that foot belongs to.   Apparently, egg whites are the  secret ingredient in making these margaritas fabulous.  Anyone know anything about this?

* My beloved Body Pump.  #getshredded

* A super fun pool party, which resulted in all kinds of #shenans.

Yeah, neither of these slide activities are legal.   No trains on the slide.  The end..  Yet, it's our annual end of summer tradition.  Something about us getting the lifeguard whistle blown at us repeatedly keeps us coming back for more.   Life is short and there is no reason that adults should not be allowed to do trains on slides.  There just isn't.  And look how fabulous the kids think we are.  #everybodywins


* Fat Mexican happened.  Told ya.   

Sweet Monkeys

What I Dream Of..  Liquid Cheese

Oh look, and a margarita and a husband.

*An awesome trail run with some of my favorites.    Love my stance. And Lisa's too.  

*An awesome din din.   Fat Ribeye, blue cheese, hella good bread (which I never eat, so it was extra good!), sweet potato fries, and mixed greens with candied pecans, cranberries, gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette and of course, Pinot Grigio.     If I were ever going to the electric chair, this may be my last meal.   It's a toss up between this and Jets Pizza.

*And then we all somehow ended up at Graeter's.  What the what?  That would be my mom (and bff) and monkeys.    #thashowweroll

So in a nutshell, I worked out a ton,  ate like a linebacker, drank like a frat boy, and hung with fam and friends all weekend.   If that isn't the perfect weekend, I don't know what is.

The good news is, tomorrow it's on like DK for the 24 Day Challenge and it can't come soon enough.   I have a couple recipes on deck,  ready for the posting and will for sure check back in the A.   As always, as we kick off a big challenge, do not hesitate to post on the FB board.  

See you guys tomorrow.

Laters Babes.

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