Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Sentiments and Weekend Wrap Up

You guys, I'm  ashamed of myself.  I totally bailed on WIAW last week, haven't blogged since Wednesday morning and have basically been neglecting all things blog and Advo related on this here world wide web for days.

Ahhh... yikes.   I'm slowly digging out of my hole today and I'm back in black.  Getting caught up on emails, the Advo FB board, and miscellaneous blog-related shenans.

This weekend was a busy one, per usual, but packed with fun.

Thursday night, we headed to the 'Nati to see my boyfriend, Luke Bryan.

'Scuse me?  Oh...Hello lover.

Wowsers.  Legit one of my top 5 favorite shows to date.   The energy was amazing and he is bursting with talent and fabulousness.

Best friends forev right here.

Friday was majorly low key and spent chugging water,  chugging Rehydrate, and having a yum pasta meal in preparation for Saturday a.m.'s 22 mile training run.

Annual 22 mile run to the horseshoe.

So yeah, 22 miles in the books.  Now we taper and we all know that it super hard for us #craycray running people.  Overall, 22 was a really good run and my recovery has been great.  Zero soreness and minimal fatigue.  I'll take it.

A nice long leg drain went down immediately following the run, which helped indeed.  Nothing like a close up of sweaty, dirt and dust covered legs.   #keepinitreal

An ice bath and some errands during the day.   Follow by some serious fun tailgate shenanigans.    #Lylas.  #Gobucks

And today was filled with grocery, shenans, family and household stuff.   Speaking of the grocery, get a load of my receipt from Kroger.  I bought three  delicious Honeycrisp apples.  That's it.  Three.

Check out the price tag.

Does anyone else think that $6.03 is ridic for 3 apples?   $2.01 per apple?  What the what?   Someone please explain.  Why do Honeycrips cost a million dollars?  But furthermore, why are they so delicious and addicting?  Me thinks it's all tied together.

And the three year old went to a super cute tea party themed birthday party.


Oh and apparently, I've signed up for a half marathon for this coming Saturday.   Does anyone recall me doing this?  I vaguely remember.  Anyway, it's gonna be pretty fly.  It's an all girls race and I'm assuming I'm gonna love it.  12 miles is on the training schedule for Saturday and a halfy is obvi 13.1 so I'm clearly killing two birds with one stone.     So there's that.

Alright, friends.  I'm back.    See y'alls tomorrow.

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  1. I missed your WIAW post! It keeps me inspired to stay on track for the week!