Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Linking up with Shannon for another week of SWW!

As always, here we go, yo!

So What if I'm still not certain that I understand the true definition of "twerking?"   So it's basically what we used to call "dirty dancing" or "grinding?"   However, you're technically by yourself doing the same sexually explicit dance moves?   Just out there all alone in your twerking glory?    Possibly, with other "twerkers" nearby?     So if my calculations are correct,  old school "dirty dancing" seems way worse than twerking, no?    Can someone enlighten me on this?

So What if I really wish iOS 7 didn't happen?   All was right in the world before that fateful day last week.

So What if I'm still kind of half expecting hate mail from the man that hated us?  

So What if I'm beyond obsessed with Trader Joe's Harvest Blend tea?   And the fact that it's seasonal and selling for 8 beans a pop on Ebay makes me think I'll be driving at dangerously high speeds at some point today to stock up.   I know how TJ's rolls.   If you want it, get it now.  And yes, I realize this all makes me a #grandmaintraining.

And speaking of TJ's, So What if I'm seriously not happy that my beloved almond butter has yet again disappeared from the shelves?   Something about  almond supply issues...   However, I see plenty 'o  whole almonds sitting on the shelves.  So if Trader Joe himself could do me a solid and just blend me up a batch right quick,  we'd all be happy.

So What if aside from some running shenans, I haven't posted a healthy thing on the bloggy in over a week?   And for that, I'm sorry.    I'll be returning back to some of my regular scheduled programming tonight with What I Ate Wednesday.  I guess what I'm trying to say is "please still love me."

So What if I'm still getting Shellac?  There is no way out, you guys.   There just isn't.   And I've accepted it.

 So What if I accidentally rekindled my love affair with Thai food yesterday and I fear it's #onlikeDK.

That's all for now, friends.   See y'all's back here tonight for WIAW!


  1. Twerking is way worse than dirty dancing.

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