Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

As always, linking up with Shannon.

And as always, here we go, yo.

*So What if practically overnight, I am obsessed with obtaining the Iphone 5S?   Holy fabulousness.   I'm pretty sure I need it for the camera features alone.   With two active monkeys and a blog filled with shenans, I really do need a better camera at my fingertips.  It's the right thing to do. #justified #easypeasy

*So What if I am more excited than your normal person should be about the Brach's pre-made candy corn/ peanut combo that I spotted at Target the other day?    Fave sweet treat ever and now they have made it super convenient by putting it all in one bag?   This isn't right.  Don't worry, I'll get my fix soon.

*So What if sometimes I still can't believe I that have this giant wildebeest called #Runnerdog living in my house?    I think it stems from the fact that I was in the market for a 15 pound dog and ended up with him.

*So What if we've eaten the awesome Almond Crusted Mahi Mahi like it's our job over the past week?     If you guys haven't tried this, you need to #stat.   It's the real deal.  I promise you that.

*So What if I've really been slacking on the Insta lately?    Maybe it's because I need that camera on the 5S??    Either way, I realize this and am back in action.  Effective Immeeeed.

*So What if I'm all kindsa bent out of shape that the sun is rising so late?    It's really cramping my early morning running style.  A headlamp just doesn't cut it.  Neither does the tready.  I want daylight.    It's 91 here but I already miss summer.

S'all for now.  See you back here tonight for What I Ate Wednesday!   Oh and ps- I'm  about halfway done with the Restaurants and 24 DC post.  I'm hoping to have it up tomorrow or Friday.

Have a fab Wednesday and I'll see ya in a bit!


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  1. I've really noticed how much the daylight has changed, it happened so quickly!!

    Thanks for linking up today!