Monday, September 9, 2013

Meal Prep Monday!

Here we go, yo.   Don't forget to check out my friend Niki  and her MPM post as well!

Okay so Sunday night consisted of:

*Washing and cutting the following:
-Red Peppers

*Boiling Eggs

*Making a big batch of quinoa

I love this red quinoa from TJ's for an easy side dish, easy filling for the turkey stuffed bell peppers that I posted last week.
I also love it for an extra little something on a lunchtime salad.

I make the whole bag and use primarily water, with the exception of 2 cups of this veggie broth for much needed added flavor.  

*Making a big batch of ground turkey for "taco salad."

Speaking of, do you guys know about this cooking utensil from Pampered Chef?   It looks so simple, yet is awesome.   It's perfect for making ground turkey, chicken, beef, etc.   Just a few twists of the wrist and your meat is much more finely ground.

*Making a big batch of grilled, chopped up chicken.   Easily accessible for salads.

All of this took about 75 minutes and most of it happened as I was making dinner for the night.   Easy peasy and #nbd.

See ya'll back here tomorrow for my favorite 24 DC meals if you are bound to dining out.  Happy Monday, friends.


  1. That tool from PC was my #1 favorite until I discovered the salad chopper. Amazing for chopping chicken for enchiladas or salads etc, quick way to chop lettuce and herbs...just amazing.

  2. I can't say I have ever had Quinoa? What is the taste and texture like? What's food is it comparible to?