Friday, September 20, 2013

Look at me!

Blogging three times from vacay, that is.    PSA-  I'm still blogging from the phone so remember... #donthate.     

We've had lots of fun in these parts, that's for sure.  But the time has come and I'm totes ready to get back to my regular scheduled programming.  Oh and that sweet #runnderdoggy of mine.  

Let's see... Highlights from the end of the week.... 

Lots of super early morning running, which has been super awesome, beautiful and majorly peaceful.  Oh and it definitely helps to reduce the gluttony before it starts all over again.  

And petting and feeding of alligators.  

And of course gluttony.  Cuz it's vacay and my hands were tied.    McGuires, I really love you.  

A crab and cream cheese omelet. #idie
A Broken Egg, I love you too.  

OMG #legit #lifechanging bonless wings.  

And finished tonight off with froyo from my new favorite yogurt joint, Yogurt Mountain.  Menchies, I love you but you are no YM.   Please change your ways.  

Lots of hanging with these monkey girls. 

Oh and the almost 7 year old lost a tooth at dinner the other night  and I'm really trying to talk her into being a hockey player for Hallween. 

Right???  It's obvi the logical thing to do.  

A day of shopping at some fabulous places, oh and pretending like "ladies who lunch" with this one.  

And a fun night on the town with sister in law and her hubs.  

And we fly out tomorrow.  And again, I'm missing a training run with my posse.  The alarm is set for the crack of dawn and I'm busting out the 12 before we head to the aeropuerto.   

So yes, it's been super fabulous here but I miss my stuff, and my #runnderdog, and my people.  That's the beauty of vacay.  It's amazing but really, there's  no place like home.   Especially when you have a new delivery of fall candles waiting for you.  Boom.  

And one last thing.  A special shout out to one of my very best friends, Michelle, (aka Runnermommy, if you've been following the blog for awhile.  Well this crazy girl is running her first ULTRA marathon tomorrow.   I know.  So basically that means she's running some crazy distance that is farther than a marathon.  Again, I know.   But I love her and she's awesome and she's gonna rock this thing like no other.  I just know it.   It's gonna be a long day for her so please send her some good running vibes, friends!  

See ya back in the C-bus!


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