Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Letters!

Let's get this party started....

Dear Lady Gaga,    If you could be a lamb and return to your Bad Romance days, that would be fab.   I'm not digging any of your latest album and that just downright makes me sad.

Dear September,   I know we are only a week in, but I really can't figure you out.  I'm freezing in the mornings and legit bursting into flames by 2 p.m.   

Dear Almost 7 Year Old,    The request for the precise number of days to your birthday upon opening your eyes every morning is making me think way too hard.  I need to just make a countdown calendar and call it a day.

Dear #Runnerdog,   You already need your wig busted again.  Real bad.  The problem is, I really love you with a 'fro.   And I'm sorry. 

Dear Cashier at Target,   I really loved that you gave me a  $3 off coupon all because the person in front of me questioned the price on almost every item they were purchasing.  I was actually more entertained than annoyed.  So really, I won twice.

Dear Mailman,   Where is my US Weekly!?!?   It's Friday!   I really think my theory is right.  

Dear People Who Were Drinking Margaritas and Eating Chips on the Patio at Las Margaritas as I Drove by Today,     I had a huge case of the jellies.   Primarily because it was the perfect weather for this type of activity.    But also because I'm on the 24DC.  But also because I was working and you weren't.     So yeah, I was jelly.

See you fools back here Sunday for Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrapup!   Also stay tuned for Meal Prep Monday!


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