Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trader Joe's Necessities and Some Cleanse Friendly Quickies....

It's not earth shattering news that I LOVE me some Trader Joe's.   I'm super lucky to have two right here in the 614, one being about 5 miles away.   So for those of you who don't have a local TJ's, my heart goes out to you.    It really does.   This should not even be legal.  

I thought it was high time that I share some of my favorite, EASY Trader Joe's staples, snacks, and even a couple of cleanse friendly items. 

Giddy up.

Seriously, love these.  The stats are awesome, they are full of omegas,  and I love that they are perfectly proportioned into individual servings.   Anyone who has ever witnessed me with a can of nuts or trail mix, knows that it never leads to anything good.    So LOVE these and love these for on the go or a quick pre-workout snack.   One of these will always be found at the bottom of every bag for emergency purposes.   

Steamed Lentils.  These are lightly seasoned and awesome cold or hot.  I put them on salads and also use them in my Greek Chili (recipe up soon).   The truth is, I have also been known to eat them with a fork straight from the container.    These are found in the refrigerated area near the hummus, dips, etc.  You may as well buy two or three packs.    My kids even dig these.  Warning, this is an item that they are sometimes out of for a couple weeks at a time.  So if you want them and find them in stock, buy them now.

Seriously LOVE these.   These are also totally cleanse friendly in my opinion.  No sugar, good protein, not bad on sodium and fat.   I eat these topped with guacamole and salsa.   Buy these immediately.   You will not be sorry.


As far as I'm concerned, these are cleanse friendly as well.   Again, good protein and 1 g of sugar.  Yes, technically processed but a fabulous quick fix if you are crunched on time and want something hot.  Oh and you're on this crazy cleanse.

TJ's Edamame.  It's a no brainer.  It's already cooked, super inexpensive, and is a perfect side or snack in two minutes.  Top with sea salt and have at it.  We always have multiple bags of these.

Corn pasta and marinara sauce.   I wouldn't eat this on the cleanse due to the processing of the pasta as well as the natural sugars in the sauce.  However, this is a great alternative to regular pasta and sauce.   I top this with parmesan and sometimes add TJ's turkey meatballs (unpictured, obvi).   Anyway, it feels like I'm getting something way more decadent than I am.   Seriously, this combo rocks.

This is a necessity in the house.    Ezekial sprouted grain bread.  It's way low on the glycemic index so no crashes.   It's super filling and a great source of protein.  It also contains some good amino acids.   This can be purchased these days at regular grocery stores in the health food section.  However, TJ's consistently has the lowest price on this.   I use this for almond butter toast, turkey sandwiches, egg white sandwiches, pb&j for the kiddos lunches, the list goes on.    

These are legit #tdf.   As ya'll know, I love my red meat.  These come frozen and uncooked but cook up fast and fabulously on the grill or even in a skillet.    I typically eat these sans bun, topped with a zillion vegetables, cheddar cheese, and spicy mustard.    These are $5.99 for 4 really good sized burgers.    Another thing you need immediately. 

Seriously, obsessed with these two.   Lundberg organic brown rice cakes and TJ's almond butter.  The best, easiest, quickest, most filling snack ever.   Two of these topped with one serving of almond butter is totally a cleanse appropriate snack in my opinion.   I eat this combo on the reg.  Cleansing or not.   Again, these rice cakes are the least expensive at TJ's.   Oh and where else can you get a big jar of almond butter for less than $6?  The answer is nowhere.

Last but not least, this is probably the TJ's item that I have the longest relationship with.  LOVE.   If you know anything about steel cut oats, you know they typically  take forevs and a day to cook and it's all basically just a big ole hassle.    Not these steel cut oats.  The directions say to cook for 8 minutes but I swear mine are always done in 5.   They're pretty much the bee's knees.   I eat these topped with PB or AB, cinnamon, and chopped banana.  I also use them for a ton of my Muscle Gain recipes.   What I'm trying to say is that they are awesome.   If you don't have these, you need them in your pantry.  Yesterday.  

So there you have it.  My TJ's necessities.   There are a zillion other things at the fabulous TJ's that I fall in and out of love with on the reg. but these are my true and tried staples. 

See you back here in the A for another SWW!

Laters for now.


  1. Love this post! I need to try some of those burgers! Have you tried their balsamic glaze? Prob not cleanse-friendly because of sugar, but it's a great condiment!

  2. I feel like I hit the pre-cleanse gold mine in finding your site! You are awesome!!!

  3. love the post, and i appreciate your title "peanut butter eater", I can relate :-)