Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

What a whirlwind of a fabulous weekend!

As most of you know if you follow me on the Insta, I spent the last almost 4 days in Dallas/ Fort Worth for a little Advocare ditty.

Lots of great info and the announcement of three new products, one of which I think is going to make an AMAZING new addition to my running regime.

I'll talk more in detail about these tomorrow but I am beyond excited about the V02 PRIME.   It basically contains a lot of what I love about my beloved 02 Gold but in the form of a 140 cal nutrition bar.  What, What?    This is going to be amazing for long run fuel.   It just is.

Thursday night, we were lucky enough to be invited to the President's Party.   The theme was "cowboy chic" which was pretty much awesome.  

Greg and Sarah Varvel.  Love these two.

And that would be a real bull.  #NBD, I gave him Oasis prior to our encounter and he was nice and chill.

So the party consisted of great food (beef and pork brisket! Obsessed!) , legit bull riding, mechanical bull riding, live performances by some pretty awesome country singers and tons of country two stepping.  Which brings me to my next point.  I was totally Jelly, with a capital J, of these couples who know how to two step and do other fancy country dancing like they only do in the south, like it ain't no thang.     I became obsessed with this basically all weekend and at one point, seriously had the thought of "should we move to Texas?"  I love so much about it.  Seriously.   And I've said that every single time we've visited.  

Okay, what else?

Friday was an amazing leadership training in which I learned some serious and amazing new happenings in the biz. 

Friday night we headed to the new and amazing Cowboys stadium for more fun.

On the field

Seriously, I can't even begin to articulate the amazingness of this stadium.

Saturday was a packed house.

Love these amazing ladies and love having them on my team.

Tex Mex and margaritas are always necessary in Texas.  They just are.  The End.

And today we flew home to the sweet monkeys, who had nothing but 4 days of fun in the sun on Lake Erie with the grandparents.

Oh and I then I reunited with #Runnerdog who clearly missed me so...

And tomorrow is back to the grind.

On the agenda for the week...

Tomorrow I am going to talk about the new Advo products and how I plan to incorporate two of them into running.  Yes, I'll be the guinea pig.

I STILL owe you guys a follow up post on Lean in 13.  #notacceptable #donthateme,iloveyou  But I SWEAR it's coming up this week.

I've been getting lots of requests for our FB Advo group.  Just FB message me on Columbus Advocare Runner or with your email addy and I'll add you in. #NBD

Laters Baby.

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