Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Sentiments and Weekend Wrap Up

First of all, we need to talk about a couple of important things around here.  

1.  Am I the only one who was completely blindsided that my boyfriend, Wentworth Miller, came out of the closet?   I have loved him since Prison Break and honestly, I'm speechless.  And also a little embarrassed that I suspected nothing.   Oh Wentworth, I'm sad.  I guess I'm happy that you are happy but selfishly, I'm sad, sad, sad.

2.  I am also super bummed about the recent news of Omar's drug addiction.   What on earth?   Even though these two got married WAY prematurely, I have really rooted for them from the beginning.  I think they are kinda adorable together and I think they really do love each other.  Ya know, based on all of the private conversations I have had with Khloe and everything.   But yeah,  Khloe and Lamar, it's not looking good. However, I still I really hope you can somehow find a way to work this out.

3.   Is anyone else borderline obsessed with how happy our girl, Jennifer Aniston appears to be?    I can't get enough of her and Justin together and really feel like this is the real deal.   I really hope Brad is secretly jelly with a capital J.  He should be.   

Onto the weekend shenans...

As always, if you follow me on the #insta (Advorunner!), you would already know this important stuff. 

I stumbled upon my first sighting of Mums on Friday.  This made me ecstatic.  I LOVE me some Mums. I just do.

Friday night, we headed out to dinner for a few carbs in prep for my 16 miler.   Now, as I've mentioned, I'm not big into over the top carb loading.  It never works for me.  I shared my tried and true pre-marathon/ pre long run meal somewhere before on the blog, and I'm having trouble finding it.   Stay tuned for that.    

So I ended up with a pasta dish that was way too rich, way too salty, and I was famished by the time it arrived.  Which means I ate WAY too much along with way too much bread.   Not good.  At all.

It all started out fabulously.   Come to mama.

And then I wasn't feeling great.  But I somehow kept eating.   Again, not good.

And then I wanted to die.    So basically I didn't sleep well and just felt way too full to have to get up at 5:30 to run 16 miles.   But I did.  Because #thashowiroll.

Meanwhile, back at the kids and a neighbor friend were having the time of their life with the best girl babysitter on earth.  She basically comes with a bag of magic and turns my sweet, innocent children into Bratz dolls in about 30 minutes flat.  They think it's the best thing ever so it's all good.      No I will not share her digits.  She's mine, all mine.

#notnormal, I know.  

So Saturday the 16 miler happened.   Didn't feel great but it's in the books.

Post run.  #myposse

And I should tell you guys that I'm obsessed with this wrap, especially post long run.

Nothing more than an Ezekial wrap, smoked turkey, hummus, avocado, and fresh spinach.  #getinmabelly.  Seriously an amazing, easy combo.

The rest of the day was filled with soccer, the pool, and shenans.  Fall soccer 2013, in full swing.

A little off topic (but really, what isn't up in here?), but I have gotten several emails about kids and Spark.   Here is what works for us.   Soon to be 7 year old always get a giant shaker of Rehydrate with ice for soccer or whatever sport she is doing at the moment.     She also occasionally gets about 1/3 of a  serving of Spark either mixed in her Rehydrate or sometimes separate.  We have had zero issues.     I really can't make a recommendation or statement re: Spark and kids.    I would say to start out small.  Maybe even 1/8 of a serving and see how it goes.     

  Oh and speaking of Spark.... did I tell you guys that this one legit thinks that her mom invented Spark?   Oh and did I tell you guys that I still haven't corrected her?   #moty  #poser

So Saturday night, we ended up at a local festival with friends, which was all kinds of fun.

I had my first pumpkin beer of the season.    Hello, lover.

The monkeys had fun.

Adorbs, right?

A bunch 'o tired,  silly fools.

And then of course today entailed a quick run with #runnerdog, more pool, driveway shenans, and oh, some of these.  2 for $22, yo's.   But where is Salty Caramel???  This concerns me. 

Tune in tomorrow for an exciting, new weekly feature!.....  Meal Prep Mondays!

I'm linking with my blogging home girl, Niki and we'll be talking about how we prep for the first part of the week, what's on the menu, and how to prep to stay on track.  It's not rocket science but it does take time.  You too can do it.  Promise.

See you back here in the A!

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