Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

As always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if my neighbor was grilling steak on charcoal (I die!!) last night and I contemplated asking for a small bite?  Without an invitation or even a head nod, or even eye contact, actually.    But dang, that charcoal grill smells good and I legit almost couldn't help myself.

  • So What if I'm pretty sure that my mailman is reading my US Weeklys?  I find it fishy that the rest of America gets them delivered on Friday, if not Thursday,  and I somehow always get a Saturday delivery.   It's just fishy.  That's all.

  • So What if my almost 3-year-long,  ongoing group text with my old co-workers makes me laugh out loud at least once a day?  We basically need to write a book, immeed.  Oh and if our text chain ever stops, I'm likely going to need inpatient psychiatric treatment.    It's all I know.

  • So What if 6 year olds soccer schedule is kind of majorly screwing up my marathon training schedule?  I mean, her sports trump mine any day, they just do and they should.   But why must her 45 min game be scheduled in the middle of important 3 hour training runs that only happen once a week?   Anyone?   I fear this is a small glimpse into my future.

  • So What if I DVR'd Howard Stern on Katie on Monday?   He is hilarious and inappropriate and if you hate him, I'm sorry.  But I love him.   And I feel like Beth and AGT have done wonders for him.   Give him another chance.  Won't you?

  • So What if I'm majorly ready for fall and it's primarily related to fall candles?   I want my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  Oh and Salty Caramel.  Real bad.

  • So What if I hate going to the zoo?   There.  I said it.   Everyone else is all "oh, it's a beautiful day...a perfect day for the zoo!"   Yeah, I'll go, and I won't complain, and  I'll make the best of it but dang, I really do hate the zoo.   Especially on beautiful days.  It's just not fun.  Primarily because everyone else in the 614 has the same idea.    So yeah, I hate the zoo.   Did I mention that I live 5 minutes from the top rated zoo in the nation?    But still, if it's a beautiful day, I can think of 100 things that are more fun than the zoo.   #donthateme,iloveyou.    But yeah, I hate the zoo.

See you back here tonight for What I Ate Wednesday!   

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