Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So What Wednesday!?!?

As always, linking up with Shannon for a little SWW!

And as always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if I still haven't finalized that new products post?     Mama be busy but it's coming. 

  • So What if I'm getting Shawarma for lunch today and am more  excited than a normal person should be?   Sorry folks but it's been two weeks.   Just trying to prepare you guys for what's coming in my What I Ate Wednesday post that's gonna go down later today.

  • So What if I got the best little surprise from a running friend in my mailbox yesterday and you would have thought it was Christmas?   How sweet is this?!  The power of a handwritten note and a thoughtful little gift is amazing.  

  • So What if I neglected every single thing on my to do list yesterday so we could hang at the pool all day for one last hurrah before school starts?   Sometimes ya just gotta say screw it.    

  • So What I'm more than obsessed with the Shazam app?   I will always blame Runnermommy for this but I'm Shazamming things left and right lately and my ITunes bill is getting ugly.

  • So What if I nearly attacked the FedEx man yesterday when I was certain that  he was rolling into the hood with my new V02 Prime bars?    False alarm.

  • So What if I tripped over my own foot the other day at the gym in that awkward way that gives you no excuse for the trip other than "I'm a jackass?"    I didn't go all the way down but it was comedy.

  • So What if I STILL can't get enough of Blurred Lines?   Ridic.

That's all I got.   See you back here tonight for my always riveting What I ate Wednesday post!

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