Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Once again, linking up with the fab Shannon, who is legit about to drop a baby at any moment.   Go see her.  She's adorbs.

As always, here we go, yo!
  • So What if I'm secretly a little bit mad that Adam Levine got engaged?     I thought for sure he'd pull a George and be non-commital and unattainable forever.   Plus, I was certain that Love Somebody was about me.   

  • So What if I almost forgot to go to work today?  I typically don't work on Tuesdays, ya see, and today I did.  I even sent a co-worker a text last night requesting a reminder.

  • So What if #Runnerdog has logged 11 miles in two days and he still flips his wig when he witnesses any sign that a run may be happening?    Ya know, the movement of a running shoe, etc.   Clearly, he was born to be mine.

  • So What if I really just want a giant spoon and a jar of peanut butter for dinner most nights but force myself to be normal?

  • So What if the most recent episode of RHOC was almost unwatchable?   #whoami?   Seriously.  Briana's husband was off the hook.   Did that just happen?

  • So What if I can't even handle the fact that Breaking Bad is coming back?  Oh.Em.Gee.  Counting down the days.

  • So What if I can't stop mentally re-living my glory days when the high school band practices across the street?  There is just something about a high school band.   Surely this is normal, no?

See you tonight for WIAW!

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  1. Adam is engaged?! OMG my dreams are crushed! I thought I was his forever lady?! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!