Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Letters

First and foremost, I have a ginormous group of 24 Day Challengers starting the Tuesday after Labor Day.   If you are on the fence, the time is now because my private support page on FB will be jumping with support, recipes and tips.   #getit   Furthermore, who on earth will NOT be ready for some serious cleansing and detoxing after a gluttonous summer?   The answer is no one.  

....On with some Friday Letters!

Dear 14 Mile Training Run,   You're really stressing me out because I honestly don't know where I'm gonna fit you in this weekend.   And when my running schedule gets messed up, my life gets messed up, so this is clearly my #1 priority at the moment.    #firstworldproblems

Dear Ribeye,   You're calling my name and I have a feeling it's gonna be on like donkey kong within the next 48 hours.

Dear Luke Bryan,  Mildly obsessed with your new album.  So thanks for that.   Yet super sad that I missed you on the Today show this morning, like everyone on the FB was talking about.

Dear Running Mamas,   I hate that I haven't seen you all week.  My heart misses you.  However, nothing made me happier than seeing you fools running in a pack with the new running baby in her jogger in the front of the pack as I drove to work the other day.   Hilar.

Dear TRX,  Why do I have the sudden urge to get certified in you?    I need one more thing on my plate like I need punched in the nose but kinda can't help myself.

Dear Jimmy Kimmel,   Why are you so freaking funny?  I kinda can't get enough.

Dear Runner's World Race Serious,  If you could go ahead and stop emailing me about fab upcoming races every 5 minutes, that would be great, K?     I have a history of committing to random races on a dime and I'm pretty sure you know that.

Happy Friday, friends!  See you back here Sunday for Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up!


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