Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Letters

It's been a minute, but I'm back!

Dear that song that goes "I don't care! I love it!",  Why are you still on my radio?  I want to love you, especially since the 6 year old does.  I just can't.      Sorry, Icona Pop.  I know you are just trying to make it and I'm not madatcha but this song is not good.

Dear friend who brought me cherry tomatoes,   Those tomatoes were delish.  And gone in a hot second.   Since I always sing nothing but praises about the fruits of your garden labors, please bring me another baggie on Tuesday, mmmkay?

Dear Mama Mimi's,   Please stop emailing about your four days of $4 pizzas.    I'm well aware of the situation and will be paying you a visit on Sunday.

Dear Friday Night Impromptu Pool Party,   I love you for many reasons but primarily because these monkeys do not have a chance at bedtime.  They are legit out in .3 seconds.    It's pretty much the shiz.

Dear person at the intersection,   Sorry I made you irrate for sitting in the middle of the intersection to wait for my left hand turn.   My light was green and I was technically following the rules.   I realize this made you sit for 1 extra second since the cars didn't stop coming and my light turned yellow and your green was coming at any second.    Hopefully you felt like an A-hole when you honked and gave me the bird and I smiled and waved.  Seriously.  Was that necessary?

Dear Someecards,  You really should be old news to me by now.   However, I still can't get enough.
Some of my recent favorites.

Seriously.  Go browse if you haven't already.  You will be laughing out loud in the privacy of your own home.  They are hilarious.

Giddy up for 14 tomorrow.   Be back with some post recovery tips!

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