Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Shenans

I did a bang up job of getting my Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend WrapUp post up last night, eh?

So now it's Monday and where has this long weekend gone?

It these parts, it rained and rained and rained and rained.   And just didn't feel very 4th of July-ish.

Despite that, some SERIOUS fun was had.

There was a brief burst of sunshine on Thursday morning and I was able to squeeze in my 9 mile long run with my running mamas.   The kiddos and I also rode in the Title Boxing Powell tank for the parade, which they thought was the bees knees.

Then... more rain came.   And the rest of the day was spent doing this.  That would be Dave and Buster's.  Not very festive or patriotic but our options were limited.    Oh and if you follow me on the Insta, you know that I had a major flip flop blow out there and was all kindsa bent out of shape.  However, we all ended up having a blast.  If you need a rainy day activity oh and have an extra $100 bill laying around (D&B be pricey!), this is your place.

Other highlights of the weekend, included celebrating this fabulous ladies' Go Shorty.

That would be Pink Moon Cupcakes.  #Ridiculous. 

As is this...

Yesterday the sun finally emerged and we spent the day at the pool.    Everyone was beyond thrilled to finally experience some legit sunshine again.  

We also discovered a new little dinner spot called 

Um yum.   As you know, I'm addicted to hot sauce and my head was spinning with choices.

It was a toughy, but this one was definitely the Whip. Strawberry Habenero.  Holy Crap.  I'm sure it's loaded with sugar but my shrimp was begging it.  Seriously, an amazing flavor combo. 

A splendid ending to the weekend.

Some housekeeping...

On deck...

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