Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Sentiments!

My Weekly Mileage- 41.   

Runnerdog- 12.   The truth of the matter is, I've been running with my running crew more  now that we are in full training mode and it's becoming increasingly harder to take #runnerdog.   I still try and take him out for an early morning 3 or 4 miler a few times a week but his mileage is suffering.  Good thing he doesn't have any races or running speaking engagements on the agenda.   

Mama, please let me run with your posse...  #PoorBooBoo

We are gearing up for a huge 24 Day Challenge Group to start the Sunday after Labor Day.  Oink Oink.   Who WON'T be ready???   

Which brings me to my next point...

I've been buying kinda unhealthy things and pretending they are healthy.

Exhibit A 

If you call these sweet potato steak "frites", they will be healthier.... and fancier.  However, these are OreIda, straight outta the bag and dang, they be good.  Especially with sugary ketchup and hot sauce.  But yeah, sweet potato is healthier than white potato but if they are already fried, it's pretty questionable.   So call these "frites" and it's pretty much all good.

Exhibit B

I love me some Bethenney.  And yes, these are "healthier" and less calorie-filled than going to your local Mexican joint for a fat margarita(s) (which we all know is the true way to my heart.)    But #lesbereal.
A regular bottle of Skinnygirl contains 650 calories (if my math is correct) and one of these mini bottles contains around 120.   Not bad,  but not calorie free either, as I had almost convinced myself, when Bethenney first announced that these would make everyone skinny.     Don't get me wrong, I'm not kicking these to the curb.   I guess I'm just aware....  But still drinking them....

Exhibit C

So I was sitting in the lounge of my gym (as usual), talking about how I have a little, dirty, secret,   love affair with Doritos, (if the opportunity presents).    I leave the gym, drive to Kroger, and accidentally(!) stumble upon this version of healthy, fake "Doritos" on sale for 10 for $10.  I had no choice but to take the bait.    Healthy?   Yeah, no, not really.  Lots of crappy (simple) carbs, no real fiber, no real protein.  Healthier than real Doritos?   Yes, probably. But because the fat content is a lot lower than real Doritos, it's so easy to mow these down in about 3 giant handfuls...not that this isn't easy with Doritos either...   I  guess I would almost rather just have the real thing and call it a day.   But if you want a quick fix and don't want the mental guilt and orange fingers of admitting that you ate Doritos, these may be for you.

Oh and we are suddenly severely addicted to

Oh mylanta!  This is a fab edge of your seat/ kid friendly show.    The 6 year old is obsessed and I am too.   It kind of makes me want to enroll in mother/daughter "stunt-ery" and gymnastics classes immeed.

There are summer sales everywhere!    If you aren't shopping, you are basically losing money.   Places that are practically GIVING away merchandise!.......

GAP (40% off sale...I purchased many 'o pairs of shorts, t's, and tanks for the fam for less than a Benny).
LOFT (40% off entire store)
Macy's (various fabulous sales all over creation)
Banana (extra 30- 40% off sale)
Bath and Body Works (2 for $22 candles, duh)
JCrew (I never buy full price but their sales are fab!)
And let's not forget about the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale.  Done on August 5th, I believe.

That's all I've got for now.   Later Gaters..


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