Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

As always, linking up with the fab Shannon.

And as always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if my friends' 11 day old baby was sacked out on my chest for almost an hour the other day and I pretended like she was mine when strangers walked by?   I may have accidentally said "thanks!" at least 3 times when random people said "how cute!"

  • So What if as much as I can't get enough of that baby,  it's official...this uterus is shut down for bid-nass and I'm not looking back?!

  • So What if I'm still listening to Blurred Lines practically 24/7?   This same thing happened when Gold Digger came out.  Don't worry, it'll be over soon. 

  • So What if the 3 year old told me that #Runnerdog "told her" that he wanted Chex cereal for breakfast this morning and I went with it?   Everybody's happy.

  • So What if I did the brand new release of Body Pump less than 24 hours ago and am already super sore?!  What the what?!  Guess Les Mills knows whasup.

  • So What if my kids saw the jail in my hometown this past weekend and are now terrified, yet obsessed with jails?   And being bad and getting "put in jail" and all things that may lead to going to jail?   Me likey.   

  • So What if I'm  secretly a tiny bit obsessed with fall and football coming our way?    Maybe it's the low 70's temps we've had.  The truth is, as much as I love to complain about winter (it's what we do), I'm a midwest girl to the bone.   I LOVE the season changes and could not imagine living anywhere else.   But don't worry, I'll be complaining about snow in a hot second.   But in the meantime,  I love the seasons, the people, the cost of living, the football pride, the comfortable lifestyle.   I love me some midwest living.  I just do.

The End.

Stay tuned for What I Ate Wednesday!  I know you're counting down the minutes.

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