Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Per Usual, linking up with Shannon.  

  But stay tuned, because there will be yet another post tonight.   I'll be linking up with my favorite-est homegirls Niki and Jen for a new little ditty called What I Ate Wednesday.   So basically, you get to read all about what I eat in a day.  I love stalking other people's eats (and to do lists) and hopefully you do too.     This is likely gonna be a weekly feature so get ready.

But first and foremost, here we go yo!

  • So What if I lost my cool at the 3 year old and yelled "someone is gonna steal you!!!" like one of those people that make me cringe for yelling at their kids in public??    In my defense, she escaped me and proceeded to do a 100 meter dash through Macy's and into the wide open mall.  Pretty sure I got some #motheroftheyear looks.

  • So What if I've kinda got the blues that next week is August?    I feel like I still have a million things I wanna do this summer.    Time to get serious up in here.

  • So What if I still can't understand how some of you still aren't on the Insta?   There is no vaguebooking or oversharing of problems.    It's the new Facebook but 100 x better.  And it's happier.   For you people that aren't on there, how do you live like this?

  • So What if I'm already kind of tired of hearing about the Royal Baby?  Is that bad?

  • So What if Target is doing their 90% off summer clearance and I can't force myself there to fight for sunscreen and swim goggles?  #whoami?

  • So What if I constantly give medical advice to my friends?  They all seem to think I'm legit.

  • So What if I'm becoming more obnoxious with hashtags by the day?  #inevitable #ridic

S'all for now.   Laters Baby.  

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