Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What Wednesday!?!

Linking up with Shannon, per usual.  

Here we go, yo!

  • So What if I refuse to believe the weatherman's lies?   He will not ruin the 4th of July.  

  • So What if the jury is still out on Lean in 13?  There are things I love and things I don't.   I have decided I'm going to do one more cycle, with my own modifications.  Stay tuned!

  • So What if I saw my friends' ridiculously adorable 5 week old baby girl last night and it made my ovaries ache just a bit?   This uterus is shut down but dang,  she was cute.

  • So What if I can't stop taking pictures of cars with big families of stick figures?  Oh and then I text said pictures to a select group of friends.    I was lucky enough to end up at a red light behind one the  other day with a family of stick figure Golden Retrievers  and couldn't snap fast enough.     

  • So What if I finally figured out how to shut down all of my running applications on the Iphone 5?    It's just two clicks of the circle.  Who knew?  I had been living life with approximately 4 hours of battery and finally decided I just couldn't live like that any longer.

  • So What if I bribed the 6 year old before her swim meet this week?   Her choice of a "treat?"   Long, press-on fake nails.   Totally normal. 

Have a great Wednesday, my friends!     Check back for another post tonight!  I know.  This never happens.   Giddy up.

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