Monday, July 22, 2013

Advorunner's personal tips for a SUCCESSFUL 10 Day Cleanse

I've done a cleanse or 10 and coached 100's of people through them.  We have a lot of people in our Facebook group either cleansing or getting ready to start one so I figured that now is a splendid time to share my own tips and what works for me.

For the newbies, here is a brief synopsis from a blog post that I did a few months ago.  This kind of outlines the cleanse in general. 

The 10 Day Cleanse

If you are doing the whole 24 Day Challenge, this is obviously the first 10 days.      This phase is all about cleansing your body of toxins, restoring the good bacteria in your gut, and preparing your body for optimal nutrition.   You will be eating clean, minimally processed foods.    You'll be given detailed instructions, a grocery list of approved foods, and lots of support and guidance.   You will avoid coffee, dairy, and alcohol during the 10 days.    As mentioned in the past, the Spark drink does contain a bit of caffeine so there are no headaches if you are concerned about giving up coffee.    This cleanse is very gentle, yet effective so you should experience NO bathroom emergencies.   

Average weight loss during this phase is 5-12 pounds.  Your belly will be flatter, your eyes will have more sparkle, and I guarantee more energy. 

So here we go.  My tips and what works. 

1.  PREPARE.  Seriously, take the weekend before you start and make your grocery list.   Go to the grocery and stock up.  You want lean proteins, tons of veggies, fruits, eggs, almonds, hummus, beans, nut butters, and the like.    Wash and chop the veggies,  bake a giant batch of chicken breast (ready for lunches and salads), boil at least a dozen eggs.   The point is to have everything ready and prepped in order to avoid a situation in which you are withering away from hunger and you want to dive face first into your kids goldfish crackers.    I can't stress the importance of preparation enough. 

2.   COMMIT.   You've made the decision to do this for one reason or another.   Either you want to lose weight, you're tired, you feel toxic, sluggish, or just came off of a gluttony filled vacation.   You've made the financial investment to cleanse, so buck up and commit to it.    Tell people you are cleansing.  That tends to hold me accountable.   If your whole workplace knows your cleansing, and you are eating a big burrito for lunch, you're probably gonna look like a flake.   Even if you have a good excuse prepared on why you are going off the plan.   Just saying.  Commit and hold yourself accountable.

3. MEASURE YOURSELF.   Do this before you start and of course after you finish.   This is important.  It's so easy to get caught up in the number on the scale.  However, if you are taking Catalyst with your cleanse and really staying on track, you'll be amazed at the inches lost.  I would take inches lost over pounds lost any day of the week.    Seriously.  Don't forget this step.   

4.  WATER.    Have water with you 24/7.   The goal here is to help your body flush out  toxins as well as keep you feeling full.  I've said it before, but it's a fact that we often mistake thirst for hunger.   Chances are, if you have eaten within a reasonable window and are feeling snacky or hungry, guzzle a bottle of water and I guarantee you weren't as hungry as you thought.    I aim for 100 ounces during the cleanse.

5. STAY BUSY.     The busier I am during a cleanse, the better I seem to do.    Tackle projects, stay plugged in to your Advo support person or group, exercise!    You will have no choice but to plan your meals and snacks more thoughtfully when you are on the go.   

6 . REMOVE TEMPATION.   I really try to get rid of the good cheese, the wine, the easily accessible empty carb snacks, etc. when we are cleansing.   Make it really hard for yourself to go off the plan.    Nothing is forever, and 10 days will fly by.  Once you are done with the cleanse, you can have that food you were craving.  In moderation, of course.     It works.

7.  DON'T GO CRAZY.  Post cleanse, that is.   Yes, you can loosen up a bit and the bottom line is, we all have to live.   Plan your splurges, but don't plan one for every day.    The bottom line is, if you totally go back to your old habits, you're going to end up right back where you started.   This is an amazing kick start to weight loss and a healthier life.   However, it's not a miracle cure for a lifetime of skinniness without putting in some work.    Don't waste the work that you already put in.  Continue to eat clean 80-90 % of the time.   It's really all about balance.  Talk to your Advo person if you want to continue to lose or want to stay on product but are not sure which way to go.   We get questions about this all the time and are happy to help.

I love the 10 day cleanse and do it religiously 4 times a year.   Primarily for overall wellness.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to message me or post in my private FB group.   

Happy Cleansing!  


  1. When do you take the Omegas and Catalyst while doing the cleanse?

    1. omega 2 at dinner, Catalyst is 2 in morning, 2 at snack, and 2 at bed.

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  3. I take Omegas with lunch and dinner and Catalyst anytime I have Spark, so typically 3 times a day.

  4. How close together can you do the 24 day challenge?

  5. The catalyst pills say that 3 pills are a serving how many times a day can you take them or do you just take 3 at once?

  6. the booklet states you can eat rice. I purchaesed brown rice. Is this ok?:/