Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why I love Body Pump and the products I use

It's no secret that I've had a mostly love, but sometimes hate relationship with Body Pump since the 6 year old was born.   Even during times of hate, I always do at least one, if not two classes per week.    When the stars align perfectly, I aim for 3-4 classes per week.

What is Body Pump?

You can read the specific deets and find gyms near you that teach Body Pump here.   In layman's terms it's a 60 minute class that consists of 10 songs.   Each song focuses on one muscle group.       You will use a barbell with adjustable weights and sometimes hand weights.  The key is the high repetition movements.     In a normal class, you will likely have performed over 800 repetitions.   Crazy, huh? Whatever muscle group you have worked will be fried when the song is over.   It's glorious.

The good news is that every couple of months, the developers of Body Pump come out with a new track, which means a whole new routine.    You won't be bored.  There are over 80 tracks and the instructors are always reaching back for oldies but goodies between releases.     Hello, Summer of 69!

But WHY do I love it?

Let me count the ways....

1.  It will sculpt your body like no other.
2.  Are you ever going to do 800 repetitions on your own?  In an hour?  The answer is no.
3.   It's truly like having your own personal trainer, telling you exactly what to do.
4.    It increases metabolism.  The more muscle we have = the more calories we burn.   Both at rest and during physical activity.   It's like money in the bank.
5.  It's girl power!   Seriously, you'll feel like a #badass and will learn to love to flex your muscles.
6.  It's amazing for bone health and anti-aging!
7.   It's fun.   The class flies by to fun music.  Just when you think your muscle group being worked can give no more, the song is over and we move on.   Everyone is in the same boat.
8. ANYONE can do it.   I know these pictures look intimidating but we all started somewhere.   The good news is, you can start with JUST the bar, or even he tiniest amount of weight possible.   Slowly but surely, you'll increase your weight and you'll feel AMAZING and empowered.  Promise.
9. It helps in all other aspects of physical fitness. I assure you I'm a better runner because of BP! 
10.  It will make you happy.   Like Elle Woods said...

What products do I use for Body Pump? 

The hubs and I both LOVE Muscle Strength.   Taken about 45-60 min. before Body Pump (or any strenuous strength training) is key.     Muscle Strength contains HMB and Suma and is designed to enhance muscle strength and performance.  In other words, it helps you lift harder, heavier, and longer. Kind of like what my beloved 02 Gold  is to running, for strength training.    

My other main squeeze BP product is Muscle Gain.   I've talked about this product numerous times, and often throw it in my morning smoothie.  However, I love a simple serving with water and ice for post Body Pump recovery.   It's 25 grams of very easily digested protein.   Oh and only 130 calories for 2 giant scoops so you don't feel like you are undoing everything you've done.  It's 4 carbs and tastes awesome.      It contains digestive enzymes papain and bromelain and is the first protein that hasn't given me digestive issues or bloating.    Oh and it fills you up so you don't go home and want to eat your kitchen.  Love MG.

On another note, did you guys know tomorrow is National Running Day?

Do me a solid and go run.  Even if you aren't a runner, go attempt my how to start running strategy.   Do it.   Run a quarter of a mile or 10.  Just run!   Tomorrow is the perfect day to start. 

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been looking into these classes lately. Is this what you teach??