Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What's Next?

Of course every running obsessed person says "after this next one...I'm gonna take a break."   Anyone who has ever run and fallen in love, knows that's a straight up lie.

While I've kind of enjoyed not having a training schedule over the past few weeks, I've also missed it.  Terribly.  #insaneinthemembrane.

So let's talk about what's next for me, shall we?

Up next...

August 25th...Emerald City Half.   I really love this race.   It takes place in Dublin, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus, so it's basically right down the street.    There is also a quarter marathon option, so 6.55 miles if you aren't a mathematician like me.      Parking is easy, the tech t's were nice, and the little after party was fun.   Oh and registration is reasonable at $60 for the half and $40 for the quarter.   If you are a newbie and considering an easy, flat, non intimidating race, Emerald City Half and Quarter Marathon just may be your thing.  

And get a load of what's after that...

That's right.  I got roped into running a half marathon in Amish Country.    You see, my running BF, Runnermommy, who you guys have seen around these parts, is obsessed with the Amish.   Somehow she has found this race, which combines these two obsessions (running and the Amish), and somehow, I'm in!  This would be the Bird In Hand Half Marathon on September 6th.   The only thing I know is that it's a half marathon and it's in Amish Country.    Oh and Bart Yasso will be there, so there's that. It's sure to be memorable so stay tuned for the race report on this one.

And of course my favorite race in the land....

Love, love, love the Columbus Marathon.   I love the familiar faces, the weather, the crowd support,  the fact that it will sell out, the non-stop music, the miracle mile children, the positive energy, really....it's amazing.  And I swear I'm not biased.  
I have done this race in some way, shape, or form, for the last several years (except the year I was 9 months pregnant), and it just never disappoints.   
This race is my jamz.

The Columbus Marathon means I'm back to marathon training.   I'll use the two halfs as training runs and they will be fun and no pressure.     In the meantime, I train for my long runs with MIT, which is a great local running group.   My weekday runs are always done solo or with some of my running mama's.   

So yeah, I'm pumped that my "break" is over and I've got some good stuff on the agenda.  And I'm also pumped that my baby daddy understands my #craycray-ness and never gives me a drop of guilt for what I commit to with these races or training schedules.   I really couldn't juggle this crazy running life of mine without him.

Local friends, join in on the fun!   I'm sure to have some discount codes for both the Emerald City and Columbus Marathon soon so stay tuned or message me for deets!

Happy Running!


  1. We are running Emerald City again and the Scioto Miles 10-Miler also during our full training (MarineCorps)! Can't stand to look at an empty race calendar either:) Good luck w/your Cbus training!

  2. I'm the same way, I immediately sign up for another race after one is done. Even though I tell everyone I will take a break ;) I just started on Advocare and I am LOVING my products! I read your post about your pre run drill. I've taken a half scoop of Arginine Extreme and half scoop of Spark before my 5am runs this week and I feel amazing! I have yet to tackle a run longer than 6 miles since I received my products since I do have a race this weekend... I wanted to ask you, when you go on long runs or race your full or half marathons, do you take your Spark and Arginine first on an empty stomach and then eat some breakfast or do you eat pre race or just fuel throughout?

  3. B DE, I have done it both ways. However, usually I do a tiny breakfast (half a piece of ezekial with a tad of natty PB), and then have my spark/arginine/02 Gold about 30 min. before I run. Hope this helps!