Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with my home girl, Jen for my random (per usual), Thursday Thoughts.  

* The new Miley Cyrus song is totally stressing me out.   OMG, why is she singing about hard core drugs?  What happened to the Party in the USA Miley?    I feel like she's pulling a Britney (If You Seek Amy) and me no likey.   

*I can't believe no one told me about Jif Whips.  

Sweet Francis almighty.     Ya'll know how much I basically live solely for peanut butter.  I had to find out about this through the grapevine through Jen's blog which isn't even right.   

* I'm loving that so many of you went to Loft to buy "jorts".   And no I don't work for LOFT.  Nor did I ever really shop there until I found out about their jacked up sizing.  

* Once again, the casino is taunting me with mailings for free play, meals, and hotel rooms.   Casino, do you read this blog?   It's like you can't even function until I come back and play craps.  Que Pitbull lyrics...

I know you want me, want meYou know I want cha, want chaI know you want meYou know I want cha, want cha

*  I miss the show Breaking Bad so dang bad.  We were so hooked.   Is there anything out there even remotely as addicting?   And please don't say Mad Men.

* I seriously loved seeing everyone's updates for 

It may be my new favorite "holiday."

Have a FAB Thursday, friends!

The End.



  1. I would have told you but I thought maybe you had a "peanut butter" google alert set so you knew of ALL new PB products out there!

    Doesn't Breaking Bad make you want to open a Meth Lab? Totally makes me want to!

  2. Sons of Anarchy is our guilty pleasure. kind of feel like i am "breaking the rules" by watching it. It is on break until fall, but you can check out some of the first seasons on DVD or netflix.

  3. I watched the first two seasons of pretty little liars very fast... but that's not gonna work if you wanna watch this with a male companion. Game of Thrones is a great show to get into. Dexter the first few seasons. A couple years ago I watched gray's anatomy from the beginning, and lost. Nashville is great too!

  4. My husband and I both love Dexter! We are currently watching Revenge - Season 1 on Netflix - pretty good! I also liked One Tree Hill - which Netflix has all seasons. I LOVE Vampire Diaries!!!!! You can also see old episodes of this on Netflix. Weeds is another show we enjoyed watching - again Netflix has old episodes.