Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

Holy Cow, have I really not blogged since Wednesday?  Totally unacceptable.   

Lot's of shenans happening in these parts.   

Thursday night, we had the honor of not only meeting,  but having dinner with Dr. Mark Miller.  If you are familiar with Advo, you know he is the VP of Research and Development with Advocare.  So he's a pretty big freaking deal.    Oh and he's hilarious and brilliant.    And has the best Australian accent you've ever heard.  

I had the opportunity to share some information about my favorite running products on the big stage.  Obvi I talked about my Runner's Cocktail of Arginine Extreme, 02 Gold, and Spark.    I also loved that a handful of ladies,  who I had never met and somehow knew about this here bloggy, approached me after the event.  They reported that they've tried the cocktail and are in love.    Love hearing stuff like this and love helping people improve their health and sports performance capabilities.   Be still, my heart.

I also somehow scored a partial KFW (kid free weekend, for the newbies).   While the peace and quiet is nothing short of fantabulous, it's amazing how much you miss those monkeys after a few hours.     Don't get me wrong, I took full advantage of my situation in a hot second.   And it started a little something like this....

I slurped down a handful of $3 Venti Green Tea's from Starbucks.   It just felt right.  

 I also hung with the girls at the pool and read US Weekly, without the fear of 3 year old swan diving into the deep end without her lifejacket.   Again, #dontbejelly.

And then, these fabulous ladies came over for the night.  And they are a hilarious, soul warming, fabulous posse of mama friends. 

And today, said besties came to my boxing class.    They killed these bags.    And burned a zillion calories.  
And worked off all of the deep dish pizza and wine that we had the night before.

The fam got home from the in laws shortly thereafter.  Look at this sweetness from the 6 year old.  She made me an entire book of this caliber.  "My mom is Speshol."   I die.

Totally off topic, but now that I'm a swim mom, I obviously need the proper supportive attire.  My good friend Betsy,  of 2 Horse Apparel (who has made me some fabulous Advocare shirts, amonst other things), made me this little tank on a dime. 

And another for a friend.  So cute!   My point is, she works fast, she's super reasonable ($15 for these tanks!), and her stuff is adorable.        She is able to personal things with websites, etc,  and I kinda love her so check her out on the FB.  

What else????

I have also spent a lot  of time this weekend emailing, on the phone, and on my FB support group helping those of you who have recently started or are preparing for 24 Day Challenges.    The bottom line is this doesn't feel like work in the least and while it's time consuming, it's majorly rewarding.   So don't cry for me, Argentina.  

About my Lean in 13....I was supposed to start today but the honest to goodness truth is, I didn't feel prepared and decided to put day 1 off until tomorrow.    One of my favorite motto's is "failing to prepare is preparing to fail" and I felt about 50% prepared going into today. I knew that wasn't a good recipe for success.  Major fail but I made the right decision and  I took today to get my goods organized, get my groceries organized, get some meals planned and now it's go time.

Obviously I'll be posting some updates along the way so stay tuned!  

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