Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

Somehow this has become my favorite post of the week.   Probably because I kind of view it as a little diary and a written recap of some of my normal shenans.    I love to look back at these posts.  

First things first..  Marathon training is back in swing.   

Weekly mileage- 28

So the hubs and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend.   I do kinda like that little hubs of mine. We went to dinner and drinks on Friday night and somehow didn't take one single pic.   Ridic.  But I swear it happened.  

Saturday was filled with a training run, the pool, some new hydrangeas, oh and I finally shot that Vlog.  Hollah!   #Wildsaturdaynight

   We have many 'o bloopers.  Expect the full, real video within a couple days.  

  Crap.  It ain't easy!

I also bought every Summer Boardwalk Wallflower I could find.    #organizedhoarding

If you are planning on one more online haul (who, me?!) use code BBWSALE20 for 20 percent off  anything over $25.  Ends tomorrow! 

Oh and did you guys know that LOFT had their Perfect Summer Tank sale this weekend? 

  Six Dollah, ya'll!   So basically each (pretty darn good quality) tank cost less than a Chipotle burrito.   I kinda forgot about this sale and then I caught wind of it while at the gym on Saturday (hi Tiff!).   Obviously, I drove at dangerously high speeds straight to LOFT to make sure I got in.  I  got 7 fabulously colored tanks for less than two twenty spots.   Can't beat that. 

Oh and I made these, which were pretty dang fab, for creating on the fly.

Today was Father's Day and it was a great day indeed.     We made the the baby daddy a special breakfast,  shopped, ate some fro yo, and somehow ended up spending a ton of time outside.  PS-  If you have young monkeys and want an easy bedtime- go to the pool from 5:30-8 p.m.     Feed them dinner, wear them out, they literally will.not.  have a chance at bedtime.  Promise.  The key is to wash them down and pajama them up at the pool before you even leave to go home.   Their little heads will be asleep before they hit the pillow.  And you and the hubs will rejoice in dance.


Happy FD and Anniversary to the best baby daddy their ever was.


  1. are costing me thousands of dollars. I have spent more money at Ulta, Ann Taylor Loft, Lulu, and now Bath N Body because of your non-sense. I hadn't even been in Loft or B & B in like 8 years until your freakin blog. AHHHH! God I love those skinny shorts though. Thanks for the tips momma. Happy Anniversary sister, your wedding day will always be one of most favorite days and greatest memories. Love you kids.

  2. Both of our weddings, hilarious! Of course, we had to have weddings within 28 days of each other. Yes, the skinny shorts are life changing for sure. You need hte $6 tanks, stat.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! And I may or may not be going to a different B&BW tomorrow. Why on earth do I need to live sooo close to nine million of them?

  4. Jen, I feel the same! There is a B&BW, with their bright yellow SALE signs taunting me on every corner up in here!