Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Sentiments/ Weekend Wrap Up

The first problem is that we ate out all three nights of the weekend.  Oh and I assisted in hosting a baby shower as well as hosted the 3 year old's family birthday party = more gluttony and champagne.

The good news is that I ran a total of 16 miles this weekend.  So there's that.

First things first.

A photo from 6 year olds kindergarten farewell program somehow got a handful of inquires on these "jorts" (as my neighbor so eloquently called them), and where they came from.    These are nothing more than LOFT.   I ended up buying every color and I'll tell you why.   The sizing on these is totally jacked and you will think you are the skinniest person in America when you try these on.  You'll have to size down at least once, possibly twice.   Then you'll ask what other colors these "jorts"come in exactly, and you'll need 'em all.   BR, JCrew, WH/ BM,  even sometimes Gap does this to me on occasion.  However, this is the first time LOFT has made me think I'm Heidi Klum.   And let's face it, anyone that makes us size down turns us into a repeat yeah.

Okay what else?

Oh, #Runnerdog went from 

to this

He got a bath and "blow out" and I'm kinda obsessed with his new wig.  Slightly frightened that he's gonna get caught in another rain storm during our morning run.   He's looking pretty fly (for a white guy) and he knows it.

Oh and the 3 year old's birthday celebration continues....

She's pretty fabulous.

And really.  What's more presh than a toddler taking care of her "baby?"

And at the end of the day.  This happened.   One million sugar carbs in the form of margaritas and a fat, fried chicken quesadilla.       Oh and chips and queso (liquid cheese).    Because really, deep down, the way to my heart is this.   Mexican, margaritas, and patio dining.  Take me there and I love you.    So the husband did that.   And I love him.

Which leads me back to tomorrow.  Which will consist of hot yoga, a run, and this.   The fiber drink and I are gonna be tight for a couple days.   It's all about balance and the right products, my friends.

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