Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Night Iphone Dump

This pretty much sums up my weekend.   If you follow me on the #Insta, you already know about most of this.  If you don't, you be missin' out.  (Advorunner)    And if you don't have an #Insta account, well then you already know, we can't be friends.

1.   So my knees were fried.  Running was outta the question.   I had a 50 minute window of time.  There were no boxing classes happening.  There were no classes at my regular gym happening.  I really had no options.  So I jumped on the elliptical, cranked my music, and then  died a slow death of boredom.  Why do I hate the ellipitcal?   Sweet Johnny, I really almost died of boredom.   Even with David Guetta singing songs in my ear, just for me.    I was looking for anyone and everyone to talk to.  No one wanted to be in the same room as the ellipticals.   I surfed my phone until the battery almost died.    Elliptical lovers,  teach me your ways.  Not that I want to switch the elliptical but sometimes I need a back up plan.    I've tried this before.  Why is this so boring to me?

2.  6 year old had her first swim meet on Friday night.   OMG, it was filled with all kinds of excitement and craziness.    She loved it and I loved it.  Somehow it reminded me of my old track days of the 100 meter dash.    You know, just a small window of time for nerves, adrenaline, and nut job cheering.  Then it's over.    But dang, you live for those few seconds of #craycray.     Really though, what's cuter than 6 year olds in professional swimming gear?   I die.

3.    So somehow these two girlfriends and I finagled an impromptu 60 minute girls night last night.   Listen to how smart we are....   We're all at dinner... 6 adults, 6 kids total.    We're patio dining, which we all know I love.   At the restaurant next to us is live patio music.   After dinner, the kids are all barking to go "look at the band."   The checks hadn't come yet, so us ladies suggest that the husbands take the kids to the music while we figure out the check sitch.    Meanwhile, us ladies decide to pretend that it was taking "forever and a day"  for our waiter to figure out the bill.    We sneak  inside for a glass of Sauv Blanc (in total peace) with a side of serious laughs.     We thought we were super discreet but when we finally emerged over an hour later,  the husbands were basically like "whatevs, we were on to you from the get go."  

4.  Obsessed with the new gear and logo at Title Boxing Club.    My #sisterwife picked up this pair of loungy shorts for me last week and I'm obsessed.   Stay tuned for a giant post about the Title Boxing workout and why I love to teach there!

5.  So yeah, I can't deny it any longer.  I'm officially a person who posts annoying dog pictures.  That's all.  I don't know how this has happened.  Especially after I harassed you and made fun of you.  And I'm sorry.

6.  I love Lime-A-Rita's but why do I feel like one single Lime-A-Rita basically gives me Diyabeetus?     They need to stop being 10 for $10 at Giant Eagle.   But then that would mean it would stop being summer so #forgetaboutit.  

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