Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

Linking up with Shannon for a little SWW.  

Here we go, yo!

  • So What if I secretly want to take up competitive adult swimming now that 6 year old is on swim team?  Ridiculous and impulsive, yes.  But also par for the course.

  • So What if I had to stop and calculate how long the baby daddy and I had been married prior to our anniversary last weekend?   2013... minus 2001.   12.  The answer is 12.

  • So What if I started getting Shellac on my nails and now there is no way out?   What is underneath said Shellac is now nothing but a pitiful, brittle nail.  Seriously, how do I escape this vicious cycle?  SOS

  • So What if I'm slightly obsessed with my new to me, second hand (I might add) Zero Gravity chairs?  This type of exquisite comfort is really how seating should be.   I was honestly this close to temporarily bringing one into the living room to watch RHOC.   How's that for ghettofabulous?

  • So What if I've relapsed again and am back on the Pirate's Booty?   As soon as this bag is gone, it's over.   I simply can not be trusted with it.  Sorry kids.

  • So What if I crack up when people post pictures of their feet on the Insta and FB?   I'm still sorry to my dear friend  for baiting her to post a picture of her new pedicure on Insta so I could laugh.  LYLAS, A Dubs.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Visiting from So What Wednesday!

    Ugh, I hate feet photos! Yikes!

    Pirates Booty is the best. That stuff is addicting.