Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So What Wednesday!?

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon.

As always, here we go, yo!

So What if I still think Howard Stern's show is funny?    It's a dirty secret and I know I should be ashamed.   Please don't hate me, I love you.

So What if I created an impromptu community "fun run" for National Running Day?   Someone had to do it. 

So What if I love creeping on other people's "To Do" lists?   They're somehow totally fascinating to me. 

So What if I'm kinda scared now that school is out?    Time seems to be speeding up.

So What if I pretended that I had no idea that the dishes in the dishwasher were clean and waited patiently for the husband to open it last night?  Whoever breaks the seal, unloads.  That's just a fact.  #suckah

So What if I'm contemplating taking up tennis this summer?   It's never too late.   Plus, I like the outfits.

So What if I still can't fathom why people aren't on the #Insta.   Seriously, peeps.    Get there!

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  1. Welp, see, not everyone has an Apple device and I don't think Insta lets you join up willy nilly.

    I always laugh at people who put "Write a To-Do List" on top of the to-do list and then cross it out. Really? It tells me people are writing a to-do list just to feel good about having accomplishments rather than because they're worried they might forget to do something. YEAH! LOOK AT ME! CROSSED THAT ONE OFF! :-D