Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's Talk About Important Things

1.   Holy Crap, who watched Big Brother on Wednesday?

This is my favorite summer show EVER.  I look forward to it all year and I'm pretty sure it's partially responsible for getting me through those deep, dark winter months.  You know, knowing that Big Brother is coming and all.   It just makes things better.     If you are my real life friend and love me at all, you'll watch this.  And you'll get addicted.  Mainly so we can talk about this nonsense in person. And with serious passion.     

So this season gonna be straight up craycray.    We've got Rachel Reilly's sister, Elissa, as a cast member.  This is sure to create ALL kindsa problems.   Quite frankly, it's gonna be great.

And then we've got GinaMarie from Staten Island.   Where do I even begin?   Hmmm...  let's start with her swan diving into a very uncomfortable Howard's arms 3 minutes into the season premiere.  I was dying.  Dying.  And if she gets evicted too early I'm gonna be all kinds of fired up.  Primarily because she is good TV.  CBS and Julie Chen both know it so they'll finagle a way to get her back, even if this does happen.  Trust.  I'm practically a BB expert here.

2.  Is anyone else obsessed with the bizarre culture that is Scientology?   This is obviously all  TomKat's fault.  (circa what?  2006?..I don't even know anymore #whoami?)

Anyway, you guys need this book asap.  In a nutshell, it's all about this poor girls upbringing in and escape from Scientology.   A page turner is an understatement.

3.   I'm sad for Paul Deen and think this whole thing has kind of spiraled outta control.   Again, don't hate me, I love you.   But I have a soft spot for her.   Plus, she looks remarkably like my mother in law and I actually adore my mother in law, so there's that.

4.  So I've kind of been obsessed with Britney Spears' love life the majority of my adult life.   I know.  
I will openly admit I was super sad to hear about the breakup between she and Jason Trawick.   I thought for sure this was it.   They seemed so happy! (!?!?!)  
But then she has this new cat... David Lucato is his name?

And now look.  She's looking all skinny and happy and giddy.  So now maybe this is it?  I just can't read her anymore.   But I really want her to find happiness and quite honestly...deep down, I keep somehow hoping it's gonna be with Justin.  

5.  Real Housewives of OC just celebrated their 100th episode.  Someone make me normal.  I can honestly say I've been watching this nonsense from episode one.   

The cast has changed a ton over the years but somehow I love this one the most.     What's not to love?     It's a hot mess and I've talked about it before so won't go into detail.  But yeah, 100 episodes and 8 seasons and I don't think I've missed a one.  And if I'm being honest, I don't think the husband has either.  He loves this nonsense as much as I do but pretends he's doing something of importance on the Ipad.  Somehow, he knows what's going on and always makes appropriate comments, almost on que.  So yeah, I love him for that.

So there you have it.  My important thoughts for the week.  Stay tuned because I just might make this a weekly feature.  As you can see...I've got a lot on my mind.  


  1. I love you but I think you need therapy!! HA HA HA! Best post yet by far. The post is sort of like talking with a schizophrenic but hysterical to say the least.

  2. Kam, if this post came from anyone but you, I may be offended. LYLAS. :)

  3. Ask me about my personal connection to Jason Trawick