Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's Get Lean in 13!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I'm gearing up for my first ever Advocare Lean in 13 challenge.      We start this coming Sunday!


It is a 13 day program specifically designed for those who may not have a lot of weight to lose but are looking to really lean out, build muscle, and lose those last couple of stubborn pounds.    The supplements are the foundation of the program and will help with fat burning, craving control, and increased energy.    


For those of you who are already on product, you may already have some of this in your loot.     I'll be doing the FULL Lean in 13 plan with MNS 3, Thermoplus, Meal Replacement Shakes, Leptliean, Catalyst, and my beloved Muscle Gain.

A basic guideline


You will definitely eat on this plan.   The eating plan was developed by an elite personal trainer and registered dietician.  It's all based on the "zig zag" method of carb cycling.   It is based on the concept of "burn" days and "refuel"days.   Basically, your body needs MORE calories on certain days to avoid plateau and for ultimate fat burning.    I've read a bit about this in the past and have always been super curious but really didn't know where or how to start.   

A general guideline of how burn/refuel days as well as an approved food list.  


You WILL exercise.  Everyday.   This is a crucial part of the plan.

A loose guideline.   I'll be doing the advanced plan but there is an awesome guideline for beginners and intermediates as well!


    If you haven't done a challenge or cleanse with us in the past,  I have a private Facebook group for questions, shared ideas, recipes, challenges, etc.   It's a very supportive environment and the best part is, we are all in the same boat.   

You still have time!  We are starting on Sunday!   If you have specific questions, feel free to message me at advocarerunner1@gmail.com

Who doesn't want to be lean by July 4th!?!?   Join in!

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