Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lean in 13.. Refuel Day

As you all know, I started the Lean in 13 program on Monday.  So how's it going???

I don't hate it.  So that's good.  

However, there are things about it that aren't easy.   For example, unless it's a "Refuel" day, you can't have fruit.   At all.  I think that's the one thing that's really chapping my arse.

Yesterday was a refuel day and it went something like this:

Upon Waking

-Spark and Catalyst (per usual)

-I then went running.   It was a "light cardio" day and I figure I'm so used to running that it kind of "is" light cardio.  I took it easy and all was good.

- Thermoplus and the "before breakfast" MNS pack,  following the run.


Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter.   (come to mama)  I blended this with a ton of ice and water.   Seriously good.   I also took the remainder of my "with food" MNS packs.

Morning Snack

Here's where I screwed up...

We had a meeting at work and they had a ton of fruit and yogurt and muffins (don't worry).

The plan calls for raw nuts and a piece of fruit for morning snack during Refuel.  

I forgot my raw nuts at home (#fail number one).  I ended up with a fairly big serving of strawberries and pineapple.  Along with about a 1/2-3/4  cup of greek yogurt for protein.  (#fail number two)

I ate it, read my cheat sheet and realized that pineapples are a huge no no (I think deep down I knew this but blocked it out until I finished eating the sweet, delicious  pineapple). Oh and guess what?...dairy is also illegal and greek yogurt is most certainly dairy.  But I needed protein and forgot those dumb almonds at home.   And I guess feeling rebellious.  

Whatevs.  I put it all behind me and moved on.


I took my last MNS pack on the way to lunch.   I ended up at one of my favorite lunch spots, Cafe Davinci, if you're curious.    I got my favorite lunch salad ever.   We call her Tina.  

Here is the description.

Mixture of romaine, iceberg and field greens tossed in Tina’s favorite blend of spices, olive oil and vinegar, topped with bits of fresh bacon, walnuts, cranraisins, dry blue cheese and salmon.    

So yeah, the cranraisins were highly illegal as well as the blue cheese.     In my defense, I had no starch, which is recommended for refuel lunch and dinner.      Are cranraisins a starch?  No.. the answer is no. But are they hella good on this salad?  I think we all know the answer to this.    

Afternoon Snack

Muscle Gain and an apple.    No problems to see here.  

I also took my 3 Catalyst and another Spark around 3 p.m.


Tilapia, mixed veggies, and a piece of Ezekial topped with natty PB.  Not perfect, but not terrible.

My thoughts

While I'm feeling okay, I kind of feel a little more restricted than I do on the 24 Day Challenge or Cleanse.    Again, the no fruit except for refuel days is throwing me for a loop.    I understand the premise and science behind it, but fruit is just such an easy solution on the go.  I find myself having to think and prepare much more on this plan.    I also feel like I'm eating less food which #menolikey.  

I'm going to stick with it because I'm not a quitter.  However, I'm for sure looking forward to Day 14.  Oh and we are going to a concert with friends on Saturday, which happens to be a Refuel day.    My plan is to take my beloved Carb Ease and go with the flow.    80-90% compliance is the goal and until my little mishaps yesterday, I've been compliant. 

So there.  I don't love this plan so far but I don't hate it either.   My plan all along is to give an honest review and post real before and after pics.    And that's what you're getting folks.    Stay tuned for another Lean in 13 update  in a couple of days.

And for those of you  on my FB board who are doing the 24 Day Challenge, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jelly.   (Said no one ever).   But it's true.  

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  1. Please keep us posted. I am a new visitor to your website. Heard about it through a running friend. I love advocare products but have never actually stuck to the darned plans! I would love to see before and after...maybe I'll motivate and try yet again!