Friday, June 7, 2013

Current Obsessions....Early Summer Edition

1.    Oh. Em. Gee.   I'm fully stocked again so I feel like I can now passionately reiterate my love for this candle.  
Summer Boardwalk is the. best. summer scent.

  Don't make the same mistake I did last summer and not stock up.  Trust.   You'll cry your eyes out when you stalk the web site.  You'll stalk every store in a 15 mile radius.  And then eventually you'll  stalk eBay, only to find them going for triple the normal price.   Don't do it.  Buy it now.  B&BW is mean and sneaky with this stuff.

In all honesty, I went to CVS to buy Tide and picked this up on a whim out of boredom from the Tide purchase.   After a few uses.....  #Obsessed.  So this is a dry oil, leave in treatment.   The directions indicate that you are supposed to spray it on towel dried, damp hair.   It is meant to tame fly aways and add shine.  This is one of those "over the counter" (ie- drugstore) products that actually works.   LOVE it.   I also use it very sparingly when my hair is dry.     And it's $6 or $7 (depending on where you go), and you just can't beat that.

3.   Do you guys know about   If not, click on the link, immeeeeed.     It is where I find out about MANY new items on makeup, skincare, etc.   There are ZILLIONS of reviews on products that you want to try but don't wanna spend the money.   Go there and lose yourself.   It has cost me a lots 'o money but also saved me lots 'o money.   It's an awesome resource and really anyone who loves makeup, skin, or hair needs to know about it.  So basically, you all need an account.   Stat.

4.    LOVING the Lululemon Groovy Run.   I run almost exclusively in Lulu shorts.   Seriously, I'd take 2 pair of Lulu over 10 pair of Nike Tempo's any day.    When the good Lulu is on sale, you better bust it.  

Love these Groovy Runs.    They remind me a ton of the Turbo Run, which I loved.  They are currently on sale for $39 online, which means they may possibly be a tiny bit cheaper in store.  If you want these, get em now.  We all know how Lulu likes to play games.

5.   Dark Chocolate Unsweetened Almond Breeze.   Holy Crap.   Why is this so good?

It's 45 calories and ZERO sugars.  I'm obsessed with this mixed with a serving of  my  Chocolate Muscle Gain and several ice cubes.    Less than 200 calories total, less than 5 carbs total and absolutely dreamy.  

Gap comes out with a variation of these every year.    Inevitably, I end up with a few pair.    They are always around $25 and last all summer, without looking cheap.   I just snatched up the bronze colored ones and they are basically identical to the Banana Republic version for half the price.    So yeah, you're gonna need these.  

Stay tuned for "Things I'm Obsessed with....Travel Edition!"  

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  1. Favorite sunless tanner? I'm dying to smell this Holy Summer Boardwalk