Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Before and After! Jennifer's Success Story...You Don't Wanna Miss It

Get a load of our girl, Jennifer.   Her story rocks and if she can do it, so can YOU!   I promise you that. She has made a dramatic change to a healthy, positive lifestyle.   She's feeling awesome and looking #amazeballs.   Here is her side of the story.  

Where to begin?

I am a perfectionist in most aspects of my life, but when it comes to my health, I was ‘average.’
I paid for a gym membership each month that never got used.  I was becoming a person that had bad
habits.  My job requires moderate travel, so I was finding my car to always be a huge mess with take out bags and empty diet coke containers.  It was perfectly normal for me to drive thru the donut shop and get 2 maple long johns and 6 glazed donuts and eat them on the way to the office.  I would eat take out for lunch and most of the time for dinner.  I have two young, active kids and nights were consistently turning into drive thru.  I was always depressed with my body and my bad decisions.  It was always, “this is the last time, I‘ll start taking care of myself tomorrow, I’ll only have one diet coke tomorrow (verses the 5 or so I consumed that day!)”  I had no energy.  Every Saturday was nap day for me.  Even my husband and kids would make comments about “mom is sleeping again…..” All of my clothes were too tight and I had tons that wouldn’t even button anymore. I could see this turning into a lifestyle.  It was like a cycle, that I didn’t think I could break.  How can this be so hard? I knew that to lose weight and become healthy, I needed to exercise, increase the water, quit the diet coke and drive thru.  Sounds easy….. but with each day, I felt more and more hopeless. Then my ‘aha moment came.’ I was checking out some blogs and ended up on Honey We're Healthy and saw Niki from Hello Stripes featured to share her fitness/health journey.  I have read ‘Before and After’ stories before and thought, “wow, that is so great for her, I wish I could do that.”  Niki talked about Advocare and gaining weight after baby! At the end of her story, she said to contact her with any questions.  So why did I email somebody I had never talked to, that lives in a different state, that I met online! I HAVE NO IDEA! But I am so glad I did!

My eyes are watering as I type this…..seriously, I just feel like I am finally in control of me.  It is emotional. I know that sounds cliché, but whatever it is, I get it now. After that first email, I knew that
she knew exactly how I was feeling.  I had heard of Advocare before, but I really didn’t know anything
about it.  I was hesitant to try anything, I have tried things before and it didn’t work, why would this be
any different.  I told her I was scared to try anything else because what if I failed?  She said I wouldn’t,
so I believed her….. I ordered a 24 Day Challenge that day.  I was a little overwhelmed when I got it, but Niki answered all of my questions.  She is the only person who knew I was doing the 24 Day Challenge.  I hid it from everyone, in case I failed…..but I didn’t want to let Niki down!  Why?  I don’t know? I didn’t want to let me down again either!  I decided to do it and I stuck with it probably 90%.   Around the same time, I had signed up for a Women Can Run Free Clinic in my town.  So I committed to the clinic two days a week.  I told my husband that I had committed and that he HAD to keep the kids for me to go.  (We both have full time jobs and in addition we have four chicken houses, so we are super busy.)  I didn’t miss a session of WCR.  We did all sorts of drills and the graduation was a 5K race.  Before, I knew it, I was little Ms. Runner.  I was firming up my body and excelling at distances I had never considered before.  I was popping out of bed and quitting diet cokes and I didn’t even miss them.  Advocare and fitness go hand in hand.  In fact, I believe, they feed off of each other!

So fast forward to today….. I don’t own a scale, but I WISH I had taken measurements on April 8, 2013 when I began ‘my journey.’ My clothes fit!  Some of them are too big! I have muscle definition!
People have noticed the changes in my body! I am hooked on Advocare! I have continued to take the
supplements and the SPARK is AWESOME!  I start every morning with a Spark and I am never going
back to that girl that would eat half a dozen donuts without blinking an eye!  One of the best moments
I experienced was after a run, with a group of women I met thru WCR, one of the ladies said, “Jennifer, you gotta tell me how your stomach is so flat, I saw you wiping your sweat and I gotta know what you are doing!”  WHAT!!! ME!!!!  I cannot explain the pride I felt.  I have always been jealous of her long legs….turns out she wants my stomach!!!!    Of course, I told her, ADVOCARE!!!!

Through Niki, I also found Advocare Runner.  Her blog is a favorite of mine.  Not to keep praising my
Advocare products, but I just want to tell the world!  Advorunner has a pre run regimen she uses,
consisting of Spark, O2 Gold and Arginine Extreme.  Since I am training for my first half marathon (I can't believe I am typing that!) I gave her pre running drill a try.  I have followed her steps 3 times now for 6-8 mile runs, and I breezed through them!  I felt really strong and could have gone further. I am crediting Advocare for my performance(s).  I also have to credit myself for sticking with something and taking care of me! But I am not doing it alone.  I have included my “Before and Now’ photos.  They are not “shocking” transformations by any means, I wish I could show you a picture of my brain to show you how my way of thinking about life and food and health has changed, or a picture of my organs, which I am sure are living a better life without having to work so hard to filter all the crap I was putting in there!

Those are the dramatic transformations! I know that lasting changes are often slow ones that you stick
with, and I am sticking with it!!!

I am that person that I used to be jealous of!  And it feels SO GOOD!

This is what Advocare is all about. Providing you with the tools and a framework to live a healthy lifestyle. It's not about being a fitness model (although, it produces those too), it's about being healthy, confident, proud and in control of your life.

Thank you so much to Jennifer for sharing her story. It's not easy putting yourself out there so, please feel free to show your support! Here is her contact information if you have any questions for her or would like to join her on her journey. And as always, you can email me with any questions as well.

Do YOU have a success story?      Email me at for a chance to be featured on this here blog! :)

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