Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Troubles

Since Jennifer stole my Sunday Sentiments button, I figured she would be totes down with me lifting her Tuesday Troubles button.

My current "troubles"....

Why do the lids to my Advo shaker cups  literally disappear into thin air?   Add in the lids that belong to my kids travel cups and I have no less than 7 cups with missing lids.   How does this happen?

Why does my salad at Whole Paycheck cost more than my cell phone bill?

How does the casino know exactly when to send me seducing propaganda?  It's like they know when mama is dying for a few rounds of craps and they're like "Oh hey, you want a free steak dinner and a few free dollars?   Oh, how about we throw a free night at the hotel in as well?   Come on down...you know you wanna..."

Why does that song "It Won't Be Like This for Long" (Darius Rucker) make me weep?   If your kids are driving you insane, listen to this song to immediately.   You'll be filled with guilt and a desire to take a step back.    And you'll likely cry.

Why is my fruit bowl empty again?    It was just full.   I haven't witnessed anyone that lives here eating anything from the fruit bowl lately.    Yet, the bowl suddenly contains nothing.

Why is it blazing hot today and predicted to be 60 degrees when the pool opens later this week?

Speaking of, how do kids not notice how freezing cold it is when they are swimming?   I am pretty sure 6 year old could have blue lips and be practically convulsing with shivers and she would still deny that she's cold in order to continue swimming.    

I know it's not normal after what happened last weekend, but I'm already thinking about my next race.  I kinda feel like I can't wait till October.  

In non- troubled news....

I also wanted to say thanks for reading!     Lots of new hits and readers as of late, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read about my random shenanigans.   

Coming up on the blog diggity...  that Vlog on the 24 DC that I've been lying about.  It's finally getting posted this week.  Swear.   Also, stay tuned for a post for beginners on "how" to start running.   See ya back here tomorrow! 


  1. Love reading this Jenn. Can't wait for the 24day challenge blog!

  2. That Darius song ALWAYS makes me cry too!

  3. Lori, it should be up by Friday. Carolyn, I think I've blocked it out before but dang! All of a sudden it's everywhere and I'm a hot mess!