Friday, May 31, 2013

Talk to Me...More Things I Need to Know...

Why am I still finding ticks (Yes, ticks!) on my #Runnerdog?  I put that special, scary tick killer on him, exactly as directed.     Does it take a few days?  I guess I could call the vet again but I figure someone here will save me another phone call.   And don't even get me started about my fear of the tick killing chemicals that are probably running rampant in this house.  Oh and you know, someone contracting Lyme's disease.  

Why is going to Cosco so much work?   Obvi, you save a buck or two on an economy sized bag of Pirate's Booty but the manual labor involved is trifling.    Can they really not provide you with a measly box at checkout?    You know, something so you don't have to carry each economy sized item that you purchased to your doorstep, one by one?    Can't they recycle the boxes that the economy sized stuff arrived in at Cosco to start with?    This would solve everything.

Tell me your favorite song right now.   You know I'm always looking for new material for my playlists.   I don't care if it's running material or not.  I want your favorite.

When does Big Brother start?   I honestly can't wait for this hot mess of a summer show.   If my memory services me right, it's after the 4th of July, no?   Certainly, someone here knows.  

What sunscreen do you guys use on your face?    Not for everyday but for actual days when you have to be in the sun.     At the end of last summer I found this fabulous stuff called Color Science Sunforgettable.   It was a perfectly tinted, very waterproof powder, but it was $60.   We all know I'm a product 'ho but I felt like $60 is ridonk for a powder suncreen for one body part.   So I found this Physicians Formula tinted powder and tried to pretend that it was the Color Science stuff, but it wasn't.   So now I'm back at square one and contemplating just buying the dumb Color Science that is more than likely going to be life changing.     However, I wanted to check with you guys first.  So what do you use on your face?   

Riddle me these, won't you?


  1. GIRLFRIEND! We are country folks so ticks galore! I am so grossed out by them, I constantly check the dogs {even though we gave them the meds & they wear tick collars} and I feel itchy all the time! GROSS! I swear we did all that about 2 weeks ago and I still found one on Chanel yesterday! WTF?!

  2. BB starts early and runs longer this year -- just what we all need for a productive summer. Just saw the promo and I think it's 6.26.

    Also, I use Dr Jarts BB cream as sunscreen. It's SPF 45 and doesn't budge. Also Peter Thomas Roth has tinted powder.

  3. Yes, BB starts 6/26.

    I actually use a mineral sunscreen by Peter Thomas Roth. I like it because it's super light weight because it's a powder and doesn't make me swell. It's great for daily use. I picked the Sephora Sun Safety kit last week and there are about a dozen deluxe samples for me to try. So far my fave is the Josie Maran Argan Oil Daily moisturizer with SPF 40. Lightweight, smells delish!!

  4. I'm three shades away from translucent right now so you'd better fill us in on your winner. Mamas gettin some sun this summer, but I'd prefer it be without the basal cell carcinoma

  5. You should get your d-o-g the Lyme disease shot. Our poor dog is a tick magnet! Our vet had us try the new tick collar but we just picked 12 off him after a short hike in the woods...I'm not sold on the collar!