Monday, May 13, 2013

Talk To Me.... Things I Need to Know

First things first....Just a reminder, that there are a little over two hours to enter the Spark contest!
Whatchoo waiting for?  

More importantly, I really need to know your current favorite running/ workout song(s).   I'm creating a playlist for Cleveland and am about 15 songs in and yawning.   I need ideas.   Please?   Don't worry, I'll share my playlist in it's entirety when I'm finished. 

I also need to know what is a reasonable number of bathing suits to own?   Somehow I just realized that the pool opens next weekend and of course my first instinct was to buy a new suit(s).   I am pretty sure that I saw the husband give me his "you're a hoarder" look and then look away real fast.     I feel like 3-4 new suits per season is not ridiculous. 

I'm also wanting to know how many hours of sleep you guys get per night?  I'm really trying to turn over a new leaf and get more than..oh I don't know...4 or 5.     However, I'm starting to wonder if I'm just really one of those grandma farmer type people who only needs a small amount.     If I slept for the recommended 8 hours, I think my whole family would be calling 911 for a pulse check.

Do you keep your schedule in a physical planner or in your phone?  I keep mine in a book- like planner that I can write in.  However,  I'm noticing more and more "that's weird" comments lately.  (Hi A Dubs! :)  As if I rode over on my dinosaur and am writing in said planner with a quill and ink pot.    Does anyone else keep an old school planner? 
Please say yes.

Those are my four burning questions at the moment but there are definitely more where those came from.   


  1. With regard to your running song question, I had to go back to an old playlist since I don't run with music anymore ... but here are some favorites:

    The Offspring, pretty much anything off the SMASH album, but "It'll be a Long Time" is great. So is Nitro.

    Linkin Park, Bleed it Out

    Sam and the Womp, Bom Bom...That got on there because of my 9 year old...but it's got a good beat that adds some pep to the step.

    P.O.D. -- Boom

    Swimsuits -- totally OK to have 3 or 4, why not. As long as I don't have to pay for them....swim suits for you girls are EXPENSIVE. OUCH!

    Sleep! What's Sleep? Seriously I'm also trying to expand in this area. Going to bed at 1:00 AM and getting up at 5:30 for a run or bike just isn't working anymore.

    Speaking of sleep, I need to get some...g'night.

  2. cannot comment on the playlist as I rarely listen to music when I am not actually in a gym...but I will say that I keep the entire family's schedule written on the fridge so that we can see what the day has in store for everyone, I will put reminders in my phone but only if I am over extended and sure I am gonna forget something.

  3. Tamborine by eve is a must
    California love by 2pac
    Get low by lil Jon

  4. Macklemore - cant hold us and thriftshop
    5 hours? (Thank you children)
    An actual planner! I have found THE BEST one! Email me if u want deets :) it's super amazing and pretty. And I've tried em all

  5. I need at least 7 hours - preferably 8. My friend just launched an app with a shared shopping list and calendar. I would be perfect if I could just import what was on my iphone calendar.... The app is Hapimomi - check it out.

    Here's a couple playlist suggestions:

    I can't stop singing -
    Get Lucky-Daft Punk

    San Francisco- The Mowgli's
    I need your love - Ellie Goulding

    That's all I got right now. Good luck!

  6. You need to go old school rap:) I mean hard core stuff! That's what I like to listen to while running!

    4 bathing suits is not unreasonable!!

    So I tried using my phone as a planner and hated it. So I switched to a good ole planner from staples! I love it!
    Niki Riat- I am interested in your planner tho:) please give us the scoop!

    Sleep what's that:)

  7. Seana, head over to and email me! I've got a goody!

  8. I started the Flying Pig with Ghetto Superstar on my playlist and that was one of the smartest things I have done in my 30 years!

  9. LOVE all of these recs! Keep em coming, please!