Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So What Wednesday!

A little late but, giddy up, ya'll!

So What if I have yet another life changing lip gloss to tell you guys about?

So What if I almost had to strangle the 3 year old ON her actual 3rd birthday.  You see, she escaped a store and ran into a street in literally .1 seconds.   The entire event added no less than 4 permanent wrinkles to my mug.    I still get heart palpitations when I think about it. 

So What if this dang #Runnerdog of mine is more work than I bargained for?   I wouldn't trade him for  all the hot 'n spicy in the world.  But why didn't you guys warn me when I was all "guess what? I'm getting this fabulous running dog?"

So What if it's day 2 of 6 year olds swim team season and I've already got serious ghetto tank top lines?   If this  isn't a good excuse for a tube top, I don't know what is.  

So What if I've been stalking my checking account all day trying to figure out if they charged me for the entry fee of the ING NYC Marathon.     A charge = I got in.  No charge = a big bummer.

So What if I will be wearing a real life tiara this weekend?   And so what if it's surrounding a Kim Kardashian/ Princess Kate themed baby shower?    Again, we be klassy like that.

So What if I'm excited to have somewhat of a valid excuse to wear a tiara?

So What if I want people to stop talking about the The Voice?  Mainly because I'm not watching it and I hate not knowing what's going on.  Is it over yet?

See you tomorrow,

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