Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and Current Obsessions...(aka..things you need)

First things first, do NOT forget to enter My Giveaway, which ends tomorrow.  Who doesn't want 2 boxes of free Spark?   

Secondly, Happy Mother's Day! 
Being a mom is the most fabulous, challenging, thrilling, exhausting, loving, selfless, rewarding, hilarious, adventurous, expensive, crazy, thrilling, repetitive, and emotional job  (that we are all pretty much unqualified for) that we'll ever have.  But somehow it's worth every single second, every single sacrifice, every single episode of RHOBH that we've missed... and then some.       I love these monkeys to the moon and back and thank my lucky stars for two healthy girls who call me mama.

MD Brunch this morning.

And my own mom, who is always there on a dime.   Being a mom really gives you perspective on how much your own mom worried, why she said "no, you are NOT going to that teen night club with a carload of barely legal drivers, that probably have a fake ID of some sort."   Apparently, she knew "stuff" after all.    But yeah, she is awesome and we are all lucky to have her.

The best pic we could get this morning.  6 year old had sun in her eyes, which was the end of the world, and almost 3 year old was up to some type of shenanigans of her own.

And mama and I

Hope you all had a fabulous MD. To my friends who have unfortunately lost their mothers too soon,  I know this day is so tough.  Extra positive vibes and prayers to you.

Onto current obsessions...

First of all, the Summer Boardwalk candle is BACK at B&BW.   If you know me IRL, you know I spent many o' days at the end of summer and early last fall stalking B&BW, hoping for a return or hoping for some random shipment.   I got nothing.    

Much to my surprise, on our last day at Disney, I received a text from my friend Nicki (who knows good stuff and I'm still trying to make her start a blog) and it went a little something like this...Summer Boardwalk is back!!!!!!!!!   Clearly, I was at Disney and nothing could be done.   However, pretty  much the second our wheels touched down, I was off.  
 Much to my dismay, the lady at B&BW was like "um, yeah, no.  we don't have any and probably won't be getting any"   What the what?   So I immediately texted Nicki (who knows stuff) and she reported that it was only online.   Now, I'm not a big fan of paying shipping on candles that weigh 5 lbs each but in this case, I'll do what I've gotta do.

So the moral of the story is, I may have ordered them all and left a handful for you guys but if there are any left....  You need one.  Yesterday.   I know I got you all hyped up about Lemon Mint Leaf but this trumps that.  Promise.   

Do you want to feel like you are on vacation?   Everyday?   At the beach?  With old school tanning oil on?  (with no spf?)  While eating popcorn drenched in the good kind of butter?  With a tinge of caramel and salt?   Thought so.   

Speaking of B&BW, good things are happening there.

You guys also need this universal, fabulous lipgloss.

It's a soft pink, beige and looks amazing alone or on top of lipliner or a matte lipstick.   Seriously, I'm obsessed.  This one is thanks to my BF,  Runnermommy, who I'm also trying to make start a blog.   Between the two of us, we could legit start our own lipgloss store.   #lipglosshoarders

The lipliner that I LOVE to put this gloss on top of is Bobbie Brown Brownie Pink. 

This is one of those liners that I buy repeatedly and love, love, love.   The name describes it all.  Brownie pink.   It's so neutral and looks good on everyone.  I lightly fill in my entire lip and place a neutral, subtle gloss (see above!) over top.  


I used to be obsessed with this Bliss Soap 'N Scrub for $32 a pop.   Loved it for waking me up in the morning or for a rejuvenating mint scrub down after a hard workout.   

However, at $32, I hoarded it.   And gave the husband dirty looks when I suspected he was using it.   Enter Trader Joe's.  And my friend Mary, who knows stuff too.  

A crappy picture indeed, but this is $4!  Which means that it's $28 less than my beloved Bliss product, and pretty much does the same thing.    I use it feverishly.  And I don't even get mad when I suspect the husband has had his paws in it.   You need this asap.

Next up, we are back at B&BW.   What is happening here?   I'm obsessed with this Bronze Shimmer Fizz Body Mouse.    I'm constantly trying to figure out how to be glowy, tan, and shimmery without getting skin cancer and looking like a haggard.   This mouse provides awesome "glow", a tiny bit of shimmer, a great scent (hello Honeysuckle), and some decent moisture.   So yeah, you're going to need it for summer pretty much immediately.   

Lastly, get to Ulta, which was one of Runnermommy and I's first stops when we got to the Blue Ridge Marathon.  #priorities    This brand, Not Your Mother's,  has crept up on me out of nowhere.    This combo together is awesome and will give you more volume than you know what to do with.   If you're lucky, I just may eventually post the pic that I sent to my work friends, post blow-dry, pre flattening iron.  It was obscene and I almost couldn't get it under control.   This stuff is under $7 and legit.  

So there you have it.  My current obsessions.   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that new products create excitement and dare I say, happiness?   So I suggest you pick up just one of these fairly quickly if you want to start your week off with a bang.   

Finally, I'm getting it together and my 24 DC VLOG should be posted this week, so stand by!

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