Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How I Recover From Gluttony

It's pretty much a requirement that a 3 day holiday weekend requires some food splurges and a poolside margartita or three.   It just is.

While I definitely lead a healthy lifestyle about 80-90 percent of the time, I am definitely not afraid to enjoy life and part of that involves food, drink, and becoming a little lax on the workouts for a couple of days.

Here are my tried and true steps for how I recover after the damage is done.

Step One.  
Before you start your crazy weekend, you need  Carb Ease.

Yes, I was hugely skeptical but I swear by this product.   I reserve this product for these exact situations.  I take it when I  know I am going to eat a little less than healthy am about to eat a starchy carbohydrate laden meal and drinks.   It isn't a miracle cure but it does help the body to reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbs.   But more importantly, I wake up way less bloated than I should.   

 Step Two.   
 Get in the mindset.   Once your weekend or gluttonous occasion is done, it's done.   For example, last night before bed, I forced myself to get back into healthy lifestyle "mode" and way of thinking.     It's over.    If you don't put an exact end to it, it becomes a big 'ole slippery slope and the next thing you know, a week has passed and you still can't back on the wagon.

Step Three.  
I know a lot of you read the ACV post.

Now is the time to drink it.  Like it's your job.  I made a triple batch this a.m. and have been basically drinking it here and there all day.    This will definitely help flush you out, eliminate toxins, and I swear it helps to curb my appetite.

Step Four.
Always have these  on hand.   I always use these for the first couple of days following gluttony.     I hate to say it but they will help to keep you full, less prone to snack, and they will also help the body to eliminate toxins.  LOVE these.  And they're cheap so no excuses not to have them on hand.

Step Five.
Go Sweat ASAP.
Yes, this is the last thing you feel like doing when you feel tired and fat.   However, work up a sweat for a solid 30 minutes and I promise you'll be energized, feel a little detoxed, and a little lighter already. Have I told you guys how much I LOVE to sweat???    In a perfect world, I would have a sauna in my basement.

And some of my common sense tips for recovery that never fail.

-Drink a ton of water
-Eat clean
-Focus on how you'll be feeling three days from now, not how you feel now.
-Do not eat after 7:30 p.m.
-Schedule your weekly workouts for the upcoming week and pen them in.  Don't stray unless you have a 911 type of reason.

So there you have it.
The End.

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