Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Letters

It's been a minute since I've participated in Friday Letters but here we go, yo.

Dear Justice,  Why do you make my 6 year old yearn for your clothing?   It's not cute.  Or cheap, really.  Yet it looks cheap.   And washes like crap.  So stop with your sequins and peace signs.    I wanna go back to Gap.  Or anywhere, really.

Dear Self,   Put down the phone and go to bed.  Stop playing Candy Crush and making lists.   Get some sleep. 

Dear Almost 3 Year Old,   Dang.  You are a pistol right now... but dang,  I love you.  Why do you insist on correcting my every move?  And why do you ask me questions that I don't know the answer to?  I'm scared for our future.

Dear Favorite Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss,   Where did you go??  You were a full, brand new tube just sitting in my  lipgloss pouch in my bag.  You literally disappeared into thin air.  I almost called 911 when I realized this.

Dear Husband,   Thanks for never being annoyed with me and always asking "how can I help?" when things get chaotic up in here.    You're quite possibly nicer than me.  (wink :)   Actually, you kinda are. 

Dear Trader Joe's,   I'm still borderline mad at you.   Where are the baked sugar snap peas? 

Dear Casino,    I see your seductive mailings.  Don't you worry, I'm planning a trip back real soon.  

Dear Running Friends,   I love you.   For real.  LYLAS.

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