Friday, May 10, 2013

Cap City Half and Back to Reality

I'm sure you have all been refreshing your Bloglovin account 24/7 wondering where the heck I've been.   All three of you.    

My week went a little something like this.  I woke up before the sun last Saturday morning to run 13.1 in this race.

I've always loved this race.    With the exception of the year that I was 9 years pregnant and insanely jelly that the husband got to run, I run this race every single year.  Love everything about it.    And look what they give you at the end.  

That would be unlimited bubbly.  What's not to love?   

Here is our little group at the start.   

So yeah, the weather was gorgeous, the music was awesome, some of my favorite people present, and champagne and an awesome band at the finish.   What's not to love?   Columbus friends, have you seen the band, Swag?  We loved them!!

Chip Time- 1:51:07.   Not too bad.   Congrats, Marla!   The funny thing is, I didn't even wear my own bib.   We were chatting during a long training run a few weeks ago and I mentioned that I hadn't registered for Cap yet.  My friend who HAD registered said to just take her bib.  We tried to get it transferred to my name and the officials said "no dice."   So I said screw it and ran as Marla!   I figure I wasn't planning to break any world records so said, why not?

I run home from the race, basically pack for a week for a family of four.   I guess it's technically three, since the husband packs for himself, but still.    We wear the kids out outside, everyone is in bed by 7:30 and we are up at 3 a.m. for a 6 a.m. flight to Disney.    

We jet to Disney where I spent the week hanging with the family (and our very dear neighbor friends and co), eating whatever I feel like, and NOT running.   At all.   Or doing one stomach crunch.   I'm dying to get back out there now that we are home.    

We had a blast.  I realize nothing is more riveting and captivating than someone else's Disney recap, so I'll leave you with just a couple pictures.

The 8 of us.   We were kind of like a loud traveling circus wherever we went.     Of course a week spent with great friends and four kids inevitably leads to more hilarious stories than I fear I'm capable of remembering. 

And the monkeys.  

The big girls had just come from having dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table.   My two year old was likely still star struck over her recent meeting of Piglet and Tigger and our token boy had just about had it with princesses.   He was actually a great sport but his face cracks me up here.

All in all, an amazing and dare I say... "magical" trip.

On deck is a 12 mile run tomorrow morning and then a pretty low key running week.  Saving up my legs as next weekend is Cleveland Marathon and I'm chomping at the bit!  

See you back here tomorrow.  For now, this momma is beat.  Laters Baby.

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  1. Lol "all three of you". I feel the same way. I do however LOVE your blog and as soon as I see you pop up in my feed I head straight for it!