Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

As always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if I had to emergently buy a little laptop so I can blog from the comfort of my bed?   I blame my non-blogging days on having to go upstairs and sit upright at a computer desk.  Expect a lot more blogging as a result of this fabulous decision I've made.

  • So What if we went out for the husband's birthday last night and I seemed to think it was my birthday too?    Chocolate martinis all around?  On a school night?   For shizzle.

  • So What if I still don't have that playlist finalized?   It's coming and it just might be tonight.

  • So What if I just got wind that Watermelon Spark is back for good and am already on the verge of  hoarding it?

  • So What if they are now calling me by name at Schwarma?   I'm trying to talk them into a "frequent flier" punch card, if you will.  It's only fair that we be rewarded.

  • So What if I'm obsessed with the George and Jennifer story again?   Dateline showed new information the other night and I can't stop googling.

  • So What if I can't stop trolling the www for the perfect pair of wedges.  Don't worry, you guys will be the first to know when I get this figured out.

  • So What if I have the sudden urge to repaint the entire inside of my house?   Like tomorrow.   I can't live another day with these "bagel" colored walls in the great room.

  • So What if I saw my baby delivering OBGYN at TJ Maxx the other day and gave her a ginormous hug?  Apparently, she hasn't missed me as much as I've missed her, as evidenced by her not knowing who I was for approximately 20 seconds.    Twas heartbreaking, indeed.

Happy Humpday, friends!  

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