Friday, May 31, 2013

Talk to Me...More Things I Need to Know...

Why am I still finding ticks (Yes, ticks!) on my #Runnerdog?  I put that special, scary tick killer on him, exactly as directed.     Does it take a few days?  I guess I could call the vet again but I figure someone here will save me another phone call.   And don't even get me started about my fear of the tick killing chemicals that are probably running rampant in this house.  Oh and you know, someone contracting Lyme's disease.  

Why is going to Cosco so much work?   Obvi, you save a buck or two on an economy sized bag of Pirate's Booty but the manual labor involved is trifling.    Can they really not provide you with a measly box at checkout?    You know, something so you don't have to carry each economy sized item that you purchased to your doorstep, one by one?    Can't they recycle the boxes that the economy sized stuff arrived in at Cosco to start with?    This would solve everything.

Tell me your favorite song right now.   You know I'm always looking for new material for my playlists.   I don't care if it's running material or not.  I want your favorite.

When does Big Brother start?   I honestly can't wait for this hot mess of a summer show.   If my memory services me right, it's after the 4th of July, no?   Certainly, someone here knows.  

What sunscreen do you guys use on your face?    Not for everyday but for actual days when you have to be in the sun.     At the end of last summer I found this fabulous stuff called Color Science Sunforgettable.   It was a perfectly tinted, very waterproof powder, but it was $60.   We all know I'm a product 'ho but I felt like $60 is ridonk for a powder suncreen for one body part.   So I found this Physicians Formula tinted powder and tried to pretend that it was the Color Science stuff, but it wasn't.   So now I'm back at square one and contemplating just buying the dumb Color Science that is more than likely going to be life changing.     However, I wanted to check with you guys first.  So what do you use on your face?   

Riddle me these, won't you?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Muscle Gain No Bake Cookies

A yummy recipe for those of you who are on the 14 Day Max Phase of the 24 Day Challenge and are considering selling your first born for something sweet. OR if you just want something delish that will not break the bank on the crappy food scale.

We have yet another Muscle Gain "No Bake" Cookie Recipe....

In a giant mixing bowl.....

1 C  Natural Peanut Butter
   1 C  Chocolate Muscle Gain (best protein powder, ev.)
   4 tsp of Stevia
3/4 C Natural Honey
2 1/2 C Oatmeal
1 C Ground Flax Seed
1/2 C Chopped Peanuts
1/4 c bittersweet chocolate powder

If this consistency is too stiff and powdery, I add a little almond milk. You basically want it a little thicker than normal no bake cookie consistency but not so glue-like that you can't do the next step.

Roll this blob of a mess into 1- 1 1/2 inch balls and freeze between wax paper.

Now, I'm not gonna lie, these aren't your grandma's no bake cookies. However, they are a pretty dang good substitute in times of desperation.

If you're smart, you will keep these frozen and ration them. If you remove the batch at any time from the freezer and into the fridge, it's all over. You will eat more than intended and your kids and husband will pop them like popcorn (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but still. The next thing you know, your goods will be gone. Take my advice and keep 'em in the freezer. Just saying.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So What Wednesday!

A little late but, giddy up, ya'll!

So What if I have yet another life changing lip gloss to tell you guys about?

So What if I almost had to strangle the 3 year old ON her actual 3rd birthday.  You see, she escaped a store and ran into a street in literally .1 seconds.   The entire event added no less than 4 permanent wrinkles to my mug.    I still get heart palpitations when I think about it. 

So What if this dang #Runnerdog of mine is more work than I bargained for?   I wouldn't trade him for  all the hot 'n spicy in the world.  But why didn't you guys warn me when I was all "guess what? I'm getting this fabulous running dog?"

So What if it's day 2 of 6 year olds swim team season and I've already got serious ghetto tank top lines?   If this  isn't a good excuse for a tube top, I don't know what is.  

So What if I've been stalking my checking account all day trying to figure out if they charged me for the entry fee of the ING NYC Marathon.     A charge = I got in.  No charge = a big bummer.

So What if I will be wearing a real life tiara this weekend?   And so what if it's surrounding a Kim Kardashian/ Princess Kate themed baby shower?    Again, we be klassy like that.

So What if I'm excited to have somewhat of a valid excuse to wear a tiara?

So What if I want people to stop talking about the The Voice?  Mainly because I'm not watching it and I hate not knowing what's going on.  Is it over yet?

See you tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How I Recover From Gluttony

It's pretty much a requirement that a 3 day holiday weekend requires some food splurges and a poolside margartita or three.   It just is.

While I definitely lead a healthy lifestyle about 80-90 percent of the time, I am definitely not afraid to enjoy life and part of that involves food, drink, and becoming a little lax on the workouts for a couple of days.

Here are my tried and true steps for how I recover after the damage is done.

Step One.  
Before you start your crazy weekend, you need  Carb Ease.

Yes, I was hugely skeptical but I swear by this product.   I reserve this product for these exact situations.  I take it when I  know I am going to eat a little less than healthy am about to eat a starchy carbohydrate laden meal and drinks.   It isn't a miracle cure but it does help the body to reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbs.   But more importantly, I wake up way less bloated than I should.   

 Step Two.   
 Get in the mindset.   Once your weekend or gluttonous occasion is done, it's done.   For example, last night before bed, I forced myself to get back into healthy lifestyle "mode" and way of thinking.     It's over.    If you don't put an exact end to it, it becomes a big 'ole slippery slope and the next thing you know, a week has passed and you still can't back on the wagon.

Step Three.  
I know a lot of you read the ACV post.

Now is the time to drink it.  Like it's your job.  I made a triple batch this a.m. and have been basically drinking it here and there all day.    This will definitely help flush you out, eliminate toxins, and I swear it helps to curb my appetite.

Step Four.
Always have these  on hand.   I always use these for the first couple of days following gluttony.     I hate to say it but they will help to keep you full, less prone to snack, and they will also help the body to eliminate toxins.  LOVE these.  And they're cheap so no excuses not to have them on hand.

Step Five.
Go Sweat ASAP.
Yes, this is the last thing you feel like doing when you feel tired and fat.   However, work up a sweat for a solid 30 minutes and I promise you'll be energized, feel a little detoxed, and a little lighter already. Have I told you guys how much I LOVE to sweat???    In a perfect world, I would have a sauna in my basement.

And some of my common sense tips for recovery that never fail.

-Drink a ton of water
-Eat clean
-Focus on how you'll be feeling three days from now, not how you feel now.
-Do not eat after 7:30 p.m.
-Schedule your weekly workouts for the upcoming week and pen them in.  Don't stray unless you have a 911 type of reason.

So there you have it.
The End.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

HOW to start running

I get lots of questions from people in real life and on the FB about how on earth a human can run more than 50 yards without a) being chased by someone with a loaded gun or b) without legit stroking out.

The answer is simple.  No matter how great of shape you are in, you can't just go out and run 10 miles, or a 5k, or even 5 minutes for that matter, without training your body as well as having the proper gear.   Running is a different beast.   

So if you want to "learn" to run or even learn to "like" to run, this post is for you.  

  Step one.  You HAVE to go get your stride analyzed and get fit for a proper running shoe.  Go to your local running store.  They will make you get barefoot,  put you on a treadmill, and analyze your stride.   And no, you don't even need to know how to run while they analyze your stride.  You can do what you would "think" would be a run or jog.  I've been to many running stores and they are all awesome.   Although, for my Columbus folks, I prefer Fleet Feet.  The employees there are awesome and professional and some of them run in  my running group.  Just saying.  They are good peeps. 

So anyway,  they will then figure out what kind of shoe you need, all based on your stride.    They'll give you several ideas of what could work.    You can either purchase right then and there or take their recommendations and get on and try to find a cheaper price.  I usually purchase right then and there out of sheer laziness.     But really, I've never felt pressure to purchase at any running store.  True story.  

The interesting thing is, I've had my stride analyzed numerous times and I always come back with the same "prescription."    It always boils down to one of the Mizuno Wave Rider's, which I LOVE.   They work for me.  

 There is no doubt that there is a method to the madness.   I guess my point is, don't minimize the need for the proper shoes.

Now it's time to get moving.   Depending on your fitness level, you need to at least be able to walk at a very brisk pace for 30 minutes without stopping before you consider running.   Oh and for the record,  when I say "running," I mean NOT walking.  So a shuffle in the forward motion that is NOT a walk, is indeed running.
  If you can't walk briskly for 30 minutes,  you will need to work up to this.    4-5 walking sessions per week and you'll be there in no time.   

If you are ready, the very best way to start running for a true beginner is the walk/ run method.   You are going to run for 4 or 5 minutes and walk for 1 minute.    You will repeat this for 30 minutes.     You will need to repeat this workout 4 times per week.  5, if you are feeling frisky.
 You will hate this while it's happening but you will feel awesome and depleted after this 30 minutes.   Promise.  

I  recommend keeping this up for 2-3 weeks before you increase the running segments.   If you are ready and feeling good, you can increase the running segments to 7 or 8 minutes, while still keeping the 1 minute of walking.    Again, repeat this cycle for 30 minutes for 4-5 times per week.      Keep this cycle up for another 2-3 weeks.

Depending on the fitness level that you were at when you started, you should be feeling pretty darn good, yet  challenged.

 You can add on 5 or 10 minutes of the cycle and see where it takes you.   You can also try eliminating some (or all) of the walking segments.    Within about 8-10 weeks, you should be at a point where you can at least hold a slow run or jog consistently for 30 minutes.   If you can't, no big deal.   Keep the walking increments in there but set a guideline for yourself.  If you just walk whenever you feel the urge, you will never be able to hold the run.  So at this point, it becomes a little mind over matter and you may have to really convince yourself to stay with the run until it's officially time to walk.   Mmkay?

So now you are technically officially a "runner."

How to Stay Motivated...  

1. Sign up for a 5k.   You'll do it.  You'll hate it.  You'll feel awesome and amazed at yourself and want to tell everyone about it and next thing you know, you've signed up for another.

2.  Join a running club.   I can't say enough about the positive relationships and support that come from a running club.  You'll meet other newbies who are in your exact same boat.     You'll bond over your doubt and cluelessness.  You'll cheer each other on when you figure out that anyone can run and in fact, you're doing it.   So yeah, if you have a local running club, join it stat.

Yes there is a lot more involved in getting started in running and running in general.   However, we have plenty of time for that.  If you want to run or be a runner, the truth is anyone can do it.   Whatcha waiting for?   

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Troubles

Since Jennifer stole my Sunday Sentiments button, I figured she would be totes down with me lifting her Tuesday Troubles button.

My current "troubles"....

Why do the lids to my Advo shaker cups  literally disappear into thin air?   Add in the lids that belong to my kids travel cups and I have no less than 7 cups with missing lids.   How does this happen?

Why does my salad at Whole Paycheck cost more than my cell phone bill?

How does the casino know exactly when to send me seducing propaganda?  It's like they know when mama is dying for a few rounds of craps and they're like "Oh hey, you want a free steak dinner and a few free dollars?   Oh, how about we throw a free night at the hotel in as well?   Come on know you wanna..."

Why does that song "It Won't Be Like This for Long" (Darius Rucker) make me weep?   If your kids are driving you insane, listen to this song to immediately.   You'll be filled with guilt and a desire to take a step back.    And you'll likely cry.

Why is my fruit bowl empty again?    It was just full.   I haven't witnessed anyone that lives here eating anything from the fruit bowl lately.    Yet, the bowl suddenly contains nothing.

Why is it blazing hot today and predicted to be 60 degrees when the pool opens later this week?

Speaking of, how do kids not notice how freezing cold it is when they are swimming?   I am pretty sure 6 year old could have blue lips and be practically convulsing with shivers and she would still deny that she's cold in order to continue swimming.    

I know it's not normal after what happened last weekend, but I'm already thinking about my next race.  I kinda feel like I can't wait till October.  

In non- troubled news....

I also wanted to say thanks for reading!     Lots of new hits and readers as of late, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read about my random shenanigans.   

Coming up on the blog diggity...  that Vlog on the 24 DC that I've been lying about.  It's finally getting posted this week.  Swear.   Also, stay tuned for a post for beginners on "how" to start running.   See ya back here tomorrow! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cleveland Marathon Recap

First, let's talk about  the positive.   I did find a new running shirt that I love (and bought in numerous colors) because it was on sale on Lulu's website for $24(!!!)    The Cardio Kick tank has a great little, but deep pocket in back, which was awesome for holding my numerous gels.   I'm normally a Spibelt girl and loved not having the restriction of something around my waist.
Exhibit A

Can also be used for your phone or music device.    Most sizes are now sold out on the website but a little birdy told me that these are now $24 in store as well.   They were only marked down to $39 last time I was in.    Moral of the story, is RUN to Lulu if you want a Cardio Kick for $24. 

If you follow me on my Facebook page, you already know that Sunday was a real struggle for me.   I really wanted to have a funny, lighthearted, fabulous race recap so this is a real buzzkill.    Sorry bout that.

I like to primarily blame it on the weather, which was indeed the main problem.   Along with my sore throat and swollen lymph nodes.   Then there was my pre-race dinner the night before, which was NOT my norm.  In fact, it was pretty much the opposite of what I normally eat.   I don't know what I was thinking.  You don't need every detail but let's just say there were some serious GI issues happening during the race.   #lessonlearned

Everything was smooth sailing the morning of the race.   We walked to the start from our hotel in plenty of time.   The weather actually felt cool, which we were ecstatic about.  The music was pumping.  We were ready to roll.

My posse.  The running mama's.  These ladies are awesome.  They manage kids, jobs, households, and this crazy little addiction to running.   They are amazing and I don't know what I'd do without 'em.

We all started out together.   About two miles in, we were already annoyed. It was like someone had flipped a switch on the humidity and we were suddenly drenched in sweat.  That along with a very narrow, completely congested course (for miles).  It just didn't start off good.

We broke away from each other a few miles in.  A few of us stayed together.   The miles ticked by,  I got more miserable.   I just didn't feel like I could stay ahead of the amount of sweat that was happening.  

At mile 9, the sun came out BLAZING.  And never went away.  

Shocking, but I got one final burst of happiness around this time and took one pic.  I liked this view of the skyline from the bridge.    You know it's bad when I'm not taking pics.    This is the ONLY pic I took during the race.  Unheard of.  

So I start feeling more and more miserable.   My stomach felt terrible, I'm sweating profusely and again, I really didn't feel like I was able to take in the amount of fluids to compensate for what  I was losing.  I was taking Rehydrate Gels about every 6 miles, drinking water AND powerade at every water stop and just continued to feel like I was dying a slow death, right there at the Cleveland Marathon. 

The time comes for the half marathoners to split away.  I have never wanted anything more than to take a left towards the finish with those lucky mo fo's in all of my life.   I contemplated and debated and told myself this just wasn't my race and it was okay to turn.   But of course I'm stubborn.   And knew if I turned, I'd regret it every day until my next race.   And I'd be cranky.  And I'd replay that moment in my mind for weeks.  And really, I'd rather be miserable for another 13.1 miles than deal with all of that.    #craycray  So I bucked up and kept plugging away.

Meanwhile, the sun and humidity seemed to be intensifying.  We are running on nothing but open, unshaded pavement.   Shoot me now.   I ran with my BF,  Runnermommy for several miles.   We were both struggling and nothing was working.   No music or topics of conversations that usually make us laugh were even remotely sidetracking us.    We finally split and I found another mama around mile 19, who was also dying a slow, miserable death.    We commiserated for a bit and split again.

Mile 20 is when things got scary for me.   There were people passing out on the side of the course, ambulances speeding by every few minutes.  It just started getting a little frightening.    I started to really question the safety of things.    I kept taking in fluids, but nothing seemed to be digesting.   I also continued to have terrible GI cramps.   

I basically continued to do what felt like a grandma "shuffle" forward.     I also started to really doubt whether or not I'd even finish.   I was just in a bad place.   I also started to cry.   

At mile 24, the husband calls, thinking I should have been finished and to basically hollah some congratulations at me.  Instead, he was greeted with a hysterical wife saying "I can't do it.  I still have two miles.  I can't do it....(hysterics)...I can't do it....(rinse, repeat)..."  I really don't even know what he said but he helped me get my act together and I continued to shuffle forward.    

At mile 25, I met up with an unknown runner, who was also really struggling.    We encouraged each other that last stretch, talked about previous marathons we had done, how much we both wanted to die, you know, the norms.   It seemed to take my mind off the misery for a few minutes.   We finished together.   I have no idea who he was, but he was a Godsend. 

We cross the finish, I get water, a popsicle, and pretty much think I'm dying again.   I start thinking I'm going to throw up.   I wobble to the bathroom.  No throwing up but  more GI issues.     Hot mess is the only way to describe me.    After a rough walk back to our hotel room, I continued to not be able to catch my breath,  have cold chills, and a racing pulse.   I am 99.9 % sure I was suffering from heat stroke.   I was finally able to take a cold shower and continued to drink cold water.   It wasn't until last night that I felt fully normal again.   

I've done a million races and have never worked harder for a medal, which makes me love this one all the more.  

My secret goal time was between 4:00 and 4:10.   Chip time was 4:28.   So yeah, missed that one pretty good.   I'm okay with it.   I fought, dug deep, and finished, at a race when I thought I may not.   Considering everything going against me, I consider it a success. 

   But really, Cleveland Marathon, please move this race up into May or maybe even late April?  Just a few weekends?   This is the second year in a row that you've had  these treacherous conditions.   I'd like to run you again but not till you get something  figured out here.  K?

Yesterday I said, I'm done with marathons for awhile.   We all know that's a lie.   Registering for Columbus, stat. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cleveland Marathon Running Playlist

I finally got my stuff together and have drummed up my playlist for Sunday.   But you guys, I'm worried!  My throat hurts.  Big time.   And this never happens.   I'm ignoring it and at the same time doing all of the things that you guys told me to do at CAR on the FB.   Nothing else hurts so I'm not "sick" but dang, what a time for me to feel like I'm getting stabbed in the throat repeatedly?

Pity party over.  Time to get crunk up in here.

My playlist for Cleve...and it goes a little something like this..

Bleed it Out- Lincoln Park
People Like Us- Kelly Clarkson- (love!)
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark- Fall Out Boy
Feel This Moment- Pitbul and Christina
It's Time- Imagine Dragons
Titanium- David Guetta
I Will Wait- Mumfor & Sons
Pour It Up- Rihanna
Better Dig Too- The Band Perry
Girl On Fire- Alicia Keys
All Summer Long- Kid Rock
Paradise- Coldplay
Crazy Kids- Ke$ha
Ghetto Supastar- Pras
Sex On Fire- Kings of Leon
Rearviewmirrror- Pearl Jam
99 Problems- Jay Z-  (LOVE! If this doesn't make you run, I don't know what will)
Can't Hold Us- Macklemore
Little Bad Girl- David Guetta
One of Those Night- Tim McGraw
Everlong- Foo Fighters
Only Girl- Rihanna
Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen
Drive By- Train
Damn It Feels Good to Be a Ganger- Geto Boys- (Office Space, anyone?)
Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne
Catch My Breath- Kelly Clarkson
Raise Your Glass- Pink 
Set It Off- Timomatic
Southern Cross- Jimmy Buffet (what the what?!?!)
Summer Love- Justin Timberlake
Walking on Broadway- Mark Kano
What's Victoria's Secret- Rick Springfield ( I know! But this song is so catchy!)
Who Made Who- ACDC
Sister- The Nixons
One Thing- One Direction
OMG- Usher
Not That Cool- Will Hoge
Not Ready to Make Nice- Dixie Chicks
My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson
Let Me Love You- Neyo
Joey- Concrete Blonde- (why do I love this song so?)
Irreplaceable- Beyonce
I Do Not Hook Up- Kelly Clarkson
Highways Don't Care- Tim and Taylor (LOVE!)
Hey Baby- Pitbull
Hero of the Day- Metallica
Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5
The Good Life- Weezer
Glamorous- Fergie
Till I Collapse- Emimen

The rest of my time will be spent chatting, listening to Till I Collapse and Raise Your Glass on repeat and flipping through other playlists.    Thanks SO much for your suggestions.  I love hearing the songs that get other runners motivated and fired up.    

See you after #cleve,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apple cider vinegar and why you need it in your life....

My little IG photo stirred up a plethora of questions this a.m.   Side note, if you aren't on Instagram, we can't be friends.   Please make an account.   You won't even need FB anymore.   You'll find out everything you need to know on the IG.

Anyway, after some inquiries and then a couple of requests to blog about my special concoction, here goes.

The photo that started it all.

Every morning and every evening, I drink this.   And crave it.     It contains 2-3 tbsp of ACV, approx 1/2 c of water,  a hefty shake of tumeric, a shake of cayenne pepper, a huge squeeze of lemon, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.   I really don't measure anything out.    I also completely made up the recipe but there is a method for my madness.

Apple Cider Vinegar-   I could go on for days about the benefits of ACV but my main reason for drinking it is vanity related, not gonna lie.     I have fought a long, hard battle with my skin since the first day of 7th grade.   My skin is nowhere near flawless but I definitely notice a significant difference in clarity and less clogged pores when I'm on the ACV religiously.   

It is also amazing for digestion, energy, heart health, and some research even says cancer prevention.    

Here is the kind you want.

You want organic, unfiltered with "the mother."    

Tumeric-  It's no secret that aside from Advocare, I work for Hospice.  Nothing will make you fear cancer more than seeing how many people are terribly affected first hand, especially ones that are my age.      I always add tumeric to my drink  as it has been shown to help the body fight cancer causing cells as well as help the body to eliminate mutated cells that may or may not turn into cancer.    In  countries where tumeric is broadly used  (India and many middle eastern countries) cancer risks are lower.     It's true.   I figure it's an easy addition to my diet so why not?

Lemon-  I've drank lemon water as a means to flush out toxins for  years.   It only made sense that I added it to my drink.

Cayenne Pepper-   Cayenne pepper reportedly boosts metabolism and decreases appetite.  It too has been rumored to contain cancer fighting properties.

Cinnamon-  This is more for taste.   However, cinnamon is excellent for regulating blood sugars.   

So there you have it.   Yes, my family practically gags watching me drink this concoction.   6 year old plugs her nose when she walks in the room while I'm drumming one of these up.    However, I love it, crave it, and love the effects.    I didn't have my drink at all last week while on vacay, and had concocted one about 3 minutes upon our arrival home.   

Oh and for the record, my mom was having horrendous issues with indigestion.   I've had her on the ACV for almost two weeks and nada!   She is amazed. 

    Don't worry if you think the taste of ACV is disgusting.  Most do at first.   Start out with a very small amount and work your way up.  I definitely think it's an acquired taste.  

Lastly, Here is a great little list of 10 easy ways to use ACV.    

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday

As always, here we go, yo!

  • So What if I had to emergently buy a little laptop so I can blog from the comfort of my bed?   I blame my non-blogging days on having to go upstairs and sit upright at a computer desk.  Expect a lot more blogging as a result of this fabulous decision I've made.

  • So What if we went out for the husband's birthday last night and I seemed to think it was my birthday too?    Chocolate martinis all around?  On a school night?   For shizzle.

  • So What if I still don't have that playlist finalized?   It's coming and it just might be tonight.

  • So What if I just got wind that Watermelon Spark is back for good and am already on the verge of  hoarding it?

  • So What if they are now calling me by name at Schwarma?   I'm trying to talk them into a "frequent flier" punch card, if you will.  It's only fair that we be rewarded.

  • So What if I'm obsessed with the George and Jennifer story again?   Dateline showed new information the other night and I can't stop googling.

  • So What if I can't stop trolling the www for the perfect pair of wedges.  Don't worry, you guys will be the first to know when I get this figured out.

  • So What if I have the sudden urge to repaint the entire inside of my house?   Like tomorrow.   I can't live another day with these "bagel" colored walls in the great room.

  • So What if I saw my baby delivering OBGYN at TJ Maxx the other day and gave her a ginormous hug?  Apparently, she hasn't missed me as much as I've missed her, as evidenced by her not knowing who I was for approximately 20 seconds.    Twas heartbreaking, indeed.

Happy Humpday, friends!  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We have a winner! And some motivation too.

Thanks so much to everyone entered my Spark giveaway!

And the winner is!....

Entry # 96....Stephanie B!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My two favorite flavors are coming YOUR way!

Secondly, thanks so much for the song recommendations for my Cleveland Marathon playlist!  Pretty PLEASE keep 'em coming!   I'll post my compiled playlist in it's entirety before the weekend.

Thirdly,  I thought we could all use a little motivation.  Especially me after coming off of a gluttonous vacation with another marathon on deck.    Here are some of my favorites. 

How true is this one?   My hospice patients remind me of this.   If you can run, you are pretty darn lucky in the grand scheme of things.

Word.  If you want it bad enough, you'll figure out a way.   The end.

The best therapy there is.   You always feel mentally brighter after a run.  You just do.  Oh and it's free.

For my runners out there who think they aren't "real" runners.   The ones who think you have to run 8 minute miles or run a full marathon to really be a runner.    If you run, you ARE a runner.   Period.

We get each other.  

What miles 21, 22, and 23 feel like...which makes the finish line all that more blissful and emotional.

That's chips and queso for me.  

For my runner girl's.  You all rock.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Talk To Me.... Things I Need to Know

First things first....Just a reminder, that there are a little over two hours to enter the Spark contest!
Whatchoo waiting for?  

More importantly, I really need to know your current favorite running/ workout song(s).   I'm creating a playlist for Cleveland and am about 15 songs in and yawning.   I need ideas.   Please?   Don't worry, I'll share my playlist in it's entirety when I'm finished. 

I also need to know what is a reasonable number of bathing suits to own?   Somehow I just realized that the pool opens next weekend and of course my first instinct was to buy a new suit(s).   I am pretty sure that I saw the husband give me his "you're a hoarder" look and then look away real fast.     I feel like 3-4 new suits per season is not ridiculous. 

I'm also wanting to know how many hours of sleep you guys get per night?  I'm really trying to turn over a new leaf and get more than..oh I don't know...4 or 5.     However, I'm starting to wonder if I'm just really one of those grandma farmer type people who only needs a small amount.     If I slept for the recommended 8 hours, I think my whole family would be calling 911 for a pulse check.

Do you keep your schedule in a physical planner or in your phone?  I keep mine in a book- like planner that I can write in.  However,  I'm noticing more and more "that's weird" comments lately.  (Hi A Dubs! :)  As if I rode over on my dinosaur and am writing in said planner with a quill and ink pot.    Does anyone else keep an old school planner? 
Please say yes.

Those are my four burning questions at the moment but there are definitely more where those came from.   

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and Current Obsessions...(aka..things you need)

First things first, do NOT forget to enter My Giveaway, which ends tomorrow.  Who doesn't want 2 boxes of free Spark?   

Secondly, Happy Mother's Day! 
Being a mom is the most fabulous, challenging, thrilling, exhausting, loving, selfless, rewarding, hilarious, adventurous, expensive, crazy, thrilling, repetitive, and emotional job  (that we are all pretty much unqualified for) that we'll ever have.  But somehow it's worth every single second, every single sacrifice, every single episode of RHOBH that we've missed... and then some.       I love these monkeys to the moon and back and thank my lucky stars for two healthy girls who call me mama.

MD Brunch this morning.

And my own mom, who is always there on a dime.   Being a mom really gives you perspective on how much your own mom worried, why she said "no, you are NOT going to that teen night club with a carload of barely legal drivers, that probably have a fake ID of some sort."   Apparently, she knew "stuff" after all.    But yeah, she is awesome and we are all lucky to have her.

The best pic we could get this morning.  6 year old had sun in her eyes, which was the end of the world, and almost 3 year old was up to some type of shenanigans of her own.

And mama and I

Hope you all had a fabulous MD. To my friends who have unfortunately lost their mothers too soon,  I know this day is so tough.  Extra positive vibes and prayers to you.

Onto current obsessions...

First of all, the Summer Boardwalk candle is BACK at B&BW.   If you know me IRL, you know I spent many o' days at the end of summer and early last fall stalking B&BW, hoping for a return or hoping for some random shipment.   I got nothing.    

Much to my surprise, on our last day at Disney, I received a text from my friend Nicki (who knows good stuff and I'm still trying to make her start a blog) and it went a little something like this...Summer Boardwalk is back!!!!!!!!!   Clearly, I was at Disney and nothing could be done.   However, pretty  much the second our wheels touched down, I was off.  
 Much to my dismay, the lady at B&BW was like "um, yeah, no.  we don't have any and probably won't be getting any"   What the what?   So I immediately texted Nicki (who knows stuff) and she reported that it was only online.   Now, I'm not a big fan of paying shipping on candles that weigh 5 lbs each but in this case, I'll do what I've gotta do.

So the moral of the story is, I may have ordered them all and left a handful for you guys but if there are any left....  You need one.  Yesterday.   I know I got you all hyped up about Lemon Mint Leaf but this trumps that.  Promise.   

Do you want to feel like you are on vacation?   Everyday?   At the beach?  With old school tanning oil on?  (with no spf?)  While eating popcorn drenched in the good kind of butter?  With a tinge of caramel and salt?   Thought so.   

Speaking of B&BW, good things are happening there.

You guys also need this universal, fabulous lipgloss.

It's a soft pink, beige and looks amazing alone or on top of lipliner or a matte lipstick.   Seriously, I'm obsessed.  This one is thanks to my BF,  Runnermommy, who I'm also trying to make start a blog.   Between the two of us, we could legit start our own lipgloss store.   #lipglosshoarders

The lipliner that I LOVE to put this gloss on top of is Bobbie Brown Brownie Pink. 

This is one of those liners that I buy repeatedly and love, love, love.   The name describes it all.  Brownie pink.   It's so neutral and looks good on everyone.  I lightly fill in my entire lip and place a neutral, subtle gloss (see above!) over top.  


I used to be obsessed with this Bliss Soap 'N Scrub for $32 a pop.   Loved it for waking me up in the morning or for a rejuvenating mint scrub down after a hard workout.   

However, at $32, I hoarded it.   And gave the husband dirty looks when I suspected he was using it.   Enter Trader Joe's.  And my friend Mary, who knows stuff too.  

A crappy picture indeed, but this is $4!  Which means that it's $28 less than my beloved Bliss product, and pretty much does the same thing.    I use it feverishly.  And I don't even get mad when I suspect the husband has had his paws in it.   You need this asap.

Next up, we are back at B&BW.   What is happening here?   I'm obsessed with this Bronze Shimmer Fizz Body Mouse.    I'm constantly trying to figure out how to be glowy, tan, and shimmery without getting skin cancer and looking like a haggard.   This mouse provides awesome "glow", a tiny bit of shimmer, a great scent (hello Honeysuckle), and some decent moisture.   So yeah, you're going to need it for summer pretty much immediately.   

Lastly, get to Ulta, which was one of Runnermommy and I's first stops when we got to the Blue Ridge Marathon.  #priorities    This brand, Not Your Mother's,  has crept up on me out of nowhere.    This combo together is awesome and will give you more volume than you know what to do with.   If you're lucky, I just may eventually post the pic that I sent to my work friends, post blow-dry, pre flattening iron.  It was obscene and I almost couldn't get it under control.   This stuff is under $7 and legit.  

So there you have it.  My current obsessions.   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that new products create excitement and dare I say, happiness?   So I suggest you pick up just one of these fairly quickly if you want to start your week off with a bang.   

Finally, I'm getting it together and my 24 DC VLOG should be posted this week, so stand by!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Another Giveaway!

We'll call this a Mother's Day, getting ready for Cleveland Marathon, just got back from Disney and my kids still think they deserve every sticker book and stuffed animal in a 5 mile radius and are quite frankly driving me #craycray giveaway.    

Here's your chance to win TWO boxes of my favorite flavors of SPARK.   
We have the infamous Mandarin Orange and coming in a very close second is Fruit Punch .  Hollah!

I'm sure you guys are borderline tired of hearing me talk about Spark but I need you to know how fabulous it really is.   In case you aren't,  you can read about how I start my day here  and how I implement it before running here .

You see, it's technically an energy drink.   However, the title "energy drink" is crap.   Spark is also filled to the brim with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.   It does contain a little caffeine but not more than a small cup of coffee.   It improves mental focus and gives you a steady energy boost, without any type of crash.   It's a feel GOOD, impact product.    I drink it upon waking and before every. single. workout.  I have accidentally and very unintentionally  given up coffee (for the most part) as a result of my love for Spark.     It's 45 calories per serving for those of you wondering, which is NBD for the payoff.   

How do you win?
Easy peasy.  Two ways.
Leave me a comment here, telling me why you want to win AND/ OR "like" my page on for more entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest ends on Monday so hurry up!