Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly Mileage and Current Obsessions

It's April!   Summer is coming, folks!!

Last week's mileage-  36.7    
Max's mileage-  21

I measure my mileage Sunday- Saturday.   I almost always take Friday's off from all physical activity since we do our long runs on Saturday a.m.   It's nice to have a day of nothing.  It also makes me feel rested and ready to roll on Saturday morning.     I typically run 5 out of 7 days and usually take one additional day off from running but do body pump, boxing, or hot yoga on that day.  

We had a fabulous Easter weekend, which included spending time with family, my 18 mile run with MIT, the Easter bunny's arrival, and finally enjoying some nice weather.  


Now onto my current obsessions....

Oh mylanta, this stuff is awesome.   Bed Head Sugar Shock.   It gives you more root volume than Texas and smells absolutely divine.   My friend Nicki (who needs to start a blog asap) introduced me to this.   She knows about all kinds of hidden gems and other important things, such as this.   Seriously, spring to Ulta.   Now.

I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about this but I'm legit obsessed with this Tupperware Egg and Omelet maker.   It makes the perfect creation every.single.time.   

How cute are these two together?   Max the runner dog and my 2 year old.   Two peas in a pod.

Obsessed with preparing for the 24 Day Challenge.   I feel like crap after my extreme Cadbury egg consumption (amongst other things) this weekend.   I'm so ready for this.  There is still time to join us!  We start on April 8th!  One week to go.

Do you guys know about this Lemon Mint Leaf candle?   If not, get to B&BW asap.   I am obsessed and just had to go back for more candles and wall flowers in this scent.   I'm scared it's going to disappear just like Summer Boardwalk did last  year.   It is so clean, light, and perfect for spring.   I burn candles almost anytime I am home so go through them so quickly.   I haven't fell for a candle this hard in quite awhile.  Probably since Summer Boardwalk, actually. 

Trader Joe's tulips!   $4.99 for a bundle and they provide me with a weeks worth of happiness.  Can't beat it.  

When I look out and see this beautiful view.... The UPS truck in front of my house.   Even though my package only contained dog boots for Max (long story), a delivery makes me happy and wanting more.  

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter and were able to spend the day with those you love! 


  1. Dog boots? I gotta hear this one!! ;)

  2. Ohhhh, I want to try that Sugar Shock!!!!