Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things I Need....Spring Running Edition

One of the great things about running is the shopping for running stuff.    Here are some of my warm weather go to's as well as a couple of things on my "I want" list.

1.   Lululemon Pace Shorts   Love Lulu running shorts as they always seem to stay put and don't give me muffin top.   The reviews on these say to size down, fyi.

2.  Under Armour Victory Tank  These tanks are The Best.  I think I bought 5 colors last summer and ran and worked out in them non-stop.  They are cheap ($22!) and are super flattering.  They wash well and are just overall awesomesauce.  I'll definitely be buying more colors this year.

3.  Lululemon Swiftly Arm Warmers   I love arm warmers in the spring and fall.  They are perfect for when it's too warm for a full long sleeve shirt but you still need something (preferably removable) on your arms.   I love these Lulu ones in the mint.

4.  Nathan Quick Draw Bottle   Can you believe I have never owned a handheld water bottle?  I used to wear a clunky fuel belt until a terrible chafing incident happened.  Perhaps I'll share that story some day when I'm in the mood to give you all a good laugh.   When I run alone, I either set hydration out or just suffer until I get home.  Mama needs one of these.

5.  Mizuno Wave Rider 16  Wave Rider's are my go to running shoe and every time they come out with a new color, I get sucked in.  Now granted, I do burn through running shoes every 3-4 months but I'm already prematurely feeling like I need these.  

6.  Lululemon Layer Me Long Sleeve Tee     I haven't seen it yet in person but am a sucker for any type of running shirt or tank with the pocket in the back.   Super convenient for my gels and 02 Gold.   And I'm envisioning it to be the perfect weight for layering over a tank.    

7.  Lemongrass Spa Healing Elements  LOVE this stuff.   I got this at a Lemongrass Spa party last year and use it like a Body Glide, a lip balm, on my running-related callouses...the list goes on.   I'm running  low and need to restock soon.

8. Advocare Reyhydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink   Love this for after or during a run in warm or humid temps.    Unlike other electrolyte replacement drinks, this is LOW in sugar and calories, and contains antioxidants and amino acids.    I also drink this in the evenings when I want something sweet.  

9.  Garmin Forerunner 10   I love the sleek look of this.  Can you believe I still have the Garmin 305 that basically looks like a desktop computer sitting on my arm?   I need this.  And at $129, the price isn't bad.  

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