Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sentiments

Hi Friends!

I'm back from the Blue Ridge Marathon and will have a recap of that tomorrow.   For now..some Sunday Sentiments.

Remember how I didn't know that WalMart sells Hard Candy?    Overnight, I've become obsessed with their gloss.   And let's just say that my running bestie, Runnermommy and I found a Wal Mart in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains.    They had every gloss in stock and wasn't pretty.    Go big or go home.  

Apparently I was on the news this weekend but missed the footage.

Must go to grocery store asap.  We suddenly have pretty much zero produce, which never amounts to anything positive.

Over the past few months, I've fallen in love with country music.  How did this happen?  Who am I?  I blame the 6 year old, who has loved it since birth.  Seriously, she would stop crying and listen intently to the Dixie Chicks at 8 months.   It's clearly her fault.  When the radio is on, it's somehow country that she requests.   I've tried to block it out, but it has seeped in.    And I've accepted it. 

There is no place like home.  I love running and love a little running vacay.  However,  I missed my little family, plus #Runnerdog more than life itself.

My head spins when I look at my busy week ahead.   Must look away from planner immed.

See you all back here tomorrow for a BRM recap!  

I've also discovered some fabulous new products so stay turned for a What I'm Loving post later in the week!

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